Thursday, July 24, 2008

WitchHunt; Let it begin, the Hunt for Homosexuals

Uganda: Education Ministry Probes Gays in Schools

New Vision (Kampala)

23 July 2008

Posted to the web 24 July 2008

Paul Kiwuuwa


The Ministry of Education is investigating reports of homosexuality in schools, minister Geraldine Namirembe Bitamazire announced yesterday.

She said both private and government-aided schools would be investigated.

"We have embarked on a serious investigation into the outrageous habit. We want to find out why is it practised, who are involved and when did it start such that we find a solution to the vice," Bitamazire said.

She said students, teachers, parents and the school support staff would be interviewed.

"Parents play a big role in bringing up children. But some of them assume that this responsibility should be left to teachers and matrons, especially in boarding schools," the minister added

The ministry's move follow complaints by the chairperson of the parliamentary social services committee, Rosemary Ssenninde (NRM), that homosexuality was rampant in schools.

Defending her ministry's budget for this financial year, Bitamazire told Seninde's committee: "Religion and culture are against gay activities. I do not expect religious-founded schools to be involved in homosexuality."

However Alice Alaso (FDC) differed from Bitamazire's argument, saying: "It is alleged that gay activities originate from such schools. The hypotheses will not work if you exclude the religious-founded schools."

Beatrice Rwakimari (NRM) said: "Poverty has also led to the spread of gay activities. Some organisations claim to be sponsoring poor students yet their motives are different."

Chris Baryomunsi (NRM) explained: "In 2004, homosexuals held a secret conference in Uganda. Although the Government was not aware about it, the conference attracted many participants worldwide."


Leonard said...

now if I were a "projecting" sort of fellow, which I am, I project that Orombi initiated this Witch Hunt (through some of his over-willing follow-throughers) to try and cover for the fires in schools, especially the one at HIS Anglican School for girls, that left some of the students dead...this has the smell of one of Orombi's smear campaigns (yes, he indulges both here and abroad...but damn, he's got "something" believable going for least, that's what I think I see...the conservatives ought drop-kick that nut Akinola out of the tip-top position and install, quickly, Orombi because he far smarter and more compelling...but what am I giving them good suggestions for? I must be nuts as Akinola is...takes one to know one but hopefully I'm less dangerous).

gayuganda said...

ha Leonardo...

some conspiration theory. But since kuchus here now believe that doctors are out to kill them, or something like the Government has advised doctors to kill them....

I will reserve my , er, err, doubts to myself!

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