Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ha ha ha ha!!!!

I was incensed by the Archbishops words. Henry Luke Orombi.

Was on my mind the whole day. So, I get some time and work my rage out on a couple of pages. No, it was 3. And I struggled to upload them, and failed.

So, you see, I have saved all of you from my wrath.

But I am still feeling it. Except that my lover is besides me, and I have just told him about it. And he is literally breaking away from his church! He is incesed. And so were guys that read the paper.

A friend in Dubai first alerted me to the paper. I was still at home, had not seen it. And, well, I must say I am amazed that the right reverend intimated a gay conspiracy against him.


A good evening. My lover has been energised by this attack. Hell, he is spitting fire!

ha ha ha ha!

Silly Orombi. Pursued by all of us gay devils.



Anonymous said...

Just read this and your previous post!

Seriously WTF? This guy is afraid that the gays will kill him? With what? Our heightened sense of fashion or our pink feather boas or our disco music?

God that man is an idiot. But he made me laugh.

spiralx said...

Unfortunately idiots rule the roost in Africa, esp. when it comes to Christianity.

Just remember - you don't have to belong to a church to be a Christian!

DeTamble said...

No one cracks me up quite like you Wilde!! You're devilishly funny.

gayuganda said...

[grumble, grumble]

people are asking whether you are ok at your blog. And here you are praising others at my blog.

But, sis, I am also wondering...

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