Thursday, July 24, 2008

Random Thoughts

Damn. I had to detour, because Princess was angry. But now that I have apologised, and the apology been accepted, why dont I post this?

Random Thoughts

Because the mind seems not to be settled, so, I pour down what has been coming to my mind.

Princess was asking me about the effects of the Sept 11th on Uganda, and Africa. Curious question. Apparently, since she was, what 9 years old then, and I am much older according to her surmise, I should know. I was miffed. I am gay, never old! But she didn't get the joke. So I told her to ask her dad. Apparently he did the job of educating her. Sometimes one needs to duck the responsibilities of an elder brother, so that we don't appear that 'old'!

Anyway, one of the results of Bush's war on terror- to educate Princess. [lecture mode now], was the passing of laws on terror. Patriot Act in America, don't remember what in Britain. And in Uganda, of course we had the Terrorism Act.

You know curious thing about this sweeping law? It nets anyone who opposes the government. Anyone who seriously gives the government a headache.

So, the leader of the opposition is currently fighting a 'Terrorism' charge. The case is before the Constitutional court. Oh, he beat the rape charges, but terrorism is another matter. I don't mind Kony being hanged. Long overdue that, but, why should a man who aspires to the presidency be a terrorist? Curious, curious, curious logic.

Though is it more curious than 'if you are not with us you are against us'?

[Silly memory. Nelson Mandela was a terrorist!]

So, back to Uganda.

The Kabaka's men, you know, the two men and woman who were arrested some five days ago have not appeared in court. Parliament convened in emergency session? And the Army MP (yes, the Member of Parliament representing the Ugandan Army), one of the army MPs said that the charge of 'terrorism' was such a big one that it gave the government reason to suspend parts of the law. Like the one which says that no one should stay more than 48 hours without being charged…

So, Princess. I think sisters of mine should be sharp, and I know you are. Or else you would not be soon going to that other island. Do I need to explain more?

And, because I didn't put this post up when you were so angry with me, by the time I publish, the 3 have been released, as ordered by court, and immediately re-arrested. Pray for our dear country.


Speaking of court, tomorrow, we shall be back. In court. You remember we angered the government by attending the HIV Implementers meeting without invitation. Well, the date with the judge is 25th July at 9:00am.

Sometimes I do like the law. Like when we use it to jump out of prison. [believe it is somewhere in the constitution that we should not be held for more than 48 hours].. but then I hate it when it is used to bludgeon us. So, we still have to report to court. We still have the one year in prison possibility hanging over our heads. Oh well, we took our risks. We were caught.

Just want to do a Houdini act. Get out of jail, without paying the fine!


Of Bush, GW and the terrorism act in Uganda. We seriously have to toddy up to the next president of America. Our track record is very good. Bill Clinton, he was wooed, and he responded. GWB, well, we just had to get on board, fight the war on terror. Easy, easy, easy. And we were family. It has done us loads of good.

But now, the next president? Of the US that is.

If it is McCain, I am sure everything will be ok. He is going to fight the war on terror with all his might, him being Bush's 3rd Term and all. So, the war front in Uganda will not suffer. Of course for us we are not changing presidents…

But if it is Barack Obama. I foresee some difficulties.

The guy does not know Realpolitik. He went to Israel and told them to look in the mirror. What? Where is 'standing behind you come what may'? Unconditionally support?

And the guy is an African. [yes, he is!], so he may see through this 'vulnerable' card we so consistently play. We may actually be forced to do something. Why did this Kenyan become an American? Promises to wake Africa out of our slumber.

Maybe, just maybe, we will have to throw away the begging bowl. That would be terrible, wouldn't it? Imagine, Bashir accountable for his war crimes. Mugabe off, dismissed. Kibaki disciplined. Real democracy in Uganda.

But, as things which are too good, it is all in the dreams.

I will start chanting 'Yes We Can.' 'Yes We Can' 'Yes we can.' Maybe dreams will come true. Before I get my appointment with death that is.

And maybe, since I have become that morbid, I should sign off!



Leonard said...

Obama is beloved...yes, already, by a huge majority of U.S. Citizens (me too)...he's compared to John Kennedy everyday...he's really what the "country" needs, Bush has turned the U.S.A. into a very deceitfilled horrible will take YEARS to clean up the mess the Republicans left behind...meanwhile, of course, they'll keep trying to make more messes to blame on others...the Gay "agenda" scare tactic is wearing very thin and nobody is biting as before. That leaves Muslims for the Republicans to rage on and on about...that's the tactic they are attempting to scare people with this time...I guess Obamas Kenyan Dad was a Muslim...I think it makes a nice combination myself when we're trying find a way toward WORLD peace to have a president that is 1/2 Black Muslim and 1/2 White Christian heritage...not much one can do, or say, about that!


Good luck tomorrow, I'll be thinking positive thoughts about you...we await word of the charges being dismissed...por favor Dios!

Anonymous said...

I missed the family brawl!!! :( I'm always late.

I'm with you on the fact that we need change. But I'm pessimistic about whether we should really wait for those who are not African to bring it about.

Even if Obama wins, at the end of the day he is American and looking out for American interests (as it should be). So even though his dad was Kenyan, I really don't think that his win will affect America's policies towards African States'. America only looks out for itself- land of the 'brave' and that whole chestnut.

I think its time we Africans took control of our destiny and stop kowtowing to the imperialistic west.
(God, I sound like 27th don't I?)

Princess said...

Miffed, were you? [Hmm, that means you're closer to 30 from either side.NO?]:-)
We need to talk about that sense of humour of yours...

*Cosign WildEY.

Waiting to hear about the court case-

gayuganda said...

Chant, yes we can!

Court case. For some weird reason, can no longer use this computer to post. So, I will use another one. Update on the court case. Another postponement. Till early August I believe.

My sense of humour? Weird. I am the first to accept that. Only I tend to see the joke. Laughing alone... Its no joke!

WildeY? No, he is the 28th Comrade now... Do you think 27th will allow homos like us to sign in on the revolution>?

Leonard said...

Good, I'll send you a get out of jail free card if you need it...wish I could.

gayuganda said...


wish I didnt need the get out of jail card. Realy wish.

See the next two posts.

DeTamble said...

Actually I am the 28th Comrade. WildeY can be the 29th. And my opinions are more important than 27th's and yes, homos like you will be allowed to join our Bright Revolution and will be welcomed with open arms and loaded arms.

We supply the amo, BYO body.

You old GUG? 32?

gayuganda said...

Gal, I am gay. Never old

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