Tuesday, July 15, 2008

How far will they go? Some articles

God will protect Orombi against gays’

Robert Muhereza


The State Minister for Ethics and Integrity Dr James Nsaba Buturo has said priests like the Achbishop of the Church of Uganda Luke Orombi who are opposed to gays should not get intimidated because God will protect them.

Dr Buturo told journalists on Friday in Kabale town said there is no need to beef up security for anti-gay activists in Uganda because God is protecting them.

“It’s true gays are rough people but men of God should not fear their intimidation. Ugandans should strengthen their mobilisation against the gay movement because the government is also committed to support them,” he said.
He however said Archbishop Orombi has a right to ask for security from the government is if he feels that his life is in danger. Recently, Archbishop Orombi said that gays were planning to harm him.

Dr Buturo hailed the Church of Uganda for its stand against homosexuality and promised that the government will soon put in place mechanisms to fight individuals who want to turn the order of nature upside down.

“We hear that some students in our schools have been lured into homosexuality. I appeal to the investigative arms of the government to quickly compile reports of such students and their schools so that tough action is taken against them,” he said.

‘Museveni lauds Ugandans on anti-gay stand

Monday, 14th July, 2008

By Raymond Baguma

The purpose of life is to have a family for propagation of the human race, President Yoweri Museveni has said.

The President made the remarks on Saturday during the giveaway ceremony of Eureka Kyobutungi, daughter of Elly Karuhanga, who was betrothed to Wesley Musinga Nyakabwa.

According to a State House press statement, Museveni commended Ugandans for rejecting homosexuality.

He advised them to distance themselves from negative foreign cultures.

Museveni noted that the issue of having spinsters and bachelors was quite alien to Ugandan traditions.

The Ankole North diocese bishop, John Muhanguzi, said marriage was established by God and urged couples to be tolerant to each other.

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