Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I’m seated, laptop within reach. He is preparing a meal.

A beautiful Kampala evening. Cool. Sun has dropped over the horizon. The air is still and calm, and the trees are barely stirring in a breeze from the lake.

A beep. Interruption. Someone trying his luck. Ok, we had a fling, and was interrupted, and he is not on the horizon now, but still wants in. I am married.

More interruptions.

He came to sit near me, and wanted to read over my shoulder. Bad idea. Too jealousy to consider telling him that I do have some lovers who are persistent! Then the blip of a virus- ok, enough to make me not want to write.

But I can still write.

Has been a beautiful day. No electricity for 12 hours. Don’t know whether it was a scheduled blackout or it wasn’t. But last night there was no electricity for most of the night, so, more likely an unscheduled black out. Computer battery went off. So I had to occupy myself otherwise, but have ended up doing a lot of miscellaneous work. Till he came back and interfered…

Sun is quite gone. The darkness is a wave, enveloping all before it. But it is a sweet, soft wave. The crickets singing in the background, night sounds. The sounds of children, preparing for supper.

Ok, too many interruptions. That was to close the windows. Mosquitoes galore, to be closed out. But they always come in. Mosquito nets work well, when a lover is in the bed.

The mood is quite broken, so I will have to lap to other things. Sigh!!!!!

A laughing point. Orombi, his excellency of the Church of Uganda has been lauded for his fight by the President of the country, and one of the ministers has promised him bodyguards at his request against us ugly, angry gays, errrrr… homosexuals. ‘Archbishop Orombi has a right to ask for security from the government is if he feels that his life is in danger.’

And the kuchus, they are quite convinced, rumour hot off the mill, that the government is prepared to kill them through their doctors and health centres. So, a red alert. Beware who treats you!

I wish this was a novel. Then I would be happy that I am writing fiction, instead of real life stories.

So are we in danger? How the hell would I know?

There enough zealots on both sides of the divide. Maybe I should ask the government for protection, but Minister Nsaba-Buturo may not take that request kindly. After all, I am a homosexual! Good riddance, when I suffer the consequences of my sexuality, isnt that what the good Christian archbishop said at the Press conference in Jerusalem?

A good nice evening to you all!



Anonymous said...

What? GUG? secret admirer? spill spill!

gayuganda said...

No spilling!!!!!

Waiting for more from you and Nico!

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