Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Why do I write? Its to be read.

Too aware of life-

is it a curse

or a blessing to revel in?

Calm, the mind at peace-

let the poetry of life, living

whisper sweet communion with my soul.

Listen to the birds, crickets, bats-

the wind in the trees, the shade of the sun

and her life giving light;

Listen to the very pulse of life

at one with my very heart;

listen, hearken-

listen, and live life’s bounty.

©GayUganda 22 July 2008


Leonard said...

I loved it, all of it (even though I had to think for a minute about listening to the "bats"...I guess that does have depth of meaning afterall).

Love and peace to you my friend,

Leonardo Ricardo

gayuganda said...

Ha Leonardo,

yes, depths of meaning, ha ha ha!

Love and peace to you too!

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