Friday, July 4, 2008

Sister Green

The story continues to fascinate me. Now, some more about the patient who died on the floor. Sister Green, from a faceless entity, to something a bit more. A human being.
CNN Reports...

But to fellow members of her church, she was known as "Sister Green." Together, they served as a family for her in the decade after she left Jamaica for New York.

Green left six children in Jamaica -- the youngest now 14. She had been sending money home.

Her oldest daughter, 31-year-old Tecia Harrison, told CNN that she cannot bear to think of her mother's last moments.

"I haven't seen it, and I don't think I have the heart or mind to watch it because that's my mother there," Harrison said. "That's the woman who gave birth to me 31 years ago. I cannot watch that."

Green was involuntarily admitted to the hospital's psychiatric emergency department June 18 for "agitation and psychosis."

Friend Peter Pilgrim says he saw Green a few days before her death. He says she was struggling with losing her job at a day care center and had been forced to move out of her apartment.

"Esmin Green is a beautiful person," he said. "She has a good heart. She loved people, and she loved children."

Green's pastor says she had been hospitalized with emotional problems once before and recently appeared to be in distress again. So the pastor called 911, a decision that haunts her.

Why am I fascinated?
Must say I am like thousands, millions of others. A human interest story.
And i am kind of wondering, would I have been able to act differently? A serious question.


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DeTamble said...

Well I would have acted differently, but that's because I'm kind. Not like some people I know *glares at America*

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