Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Some Rants

Worth a rant surely?

Bishop threatens to quit church on gay marriages - - News

By Anderson Ojwang’ And Jessicah Nyaboke

An Anglican bishop has threatened to quit the church over gay marriages.

The Reverend Thomas Kogo, a bishop at the Eldoret ACK Diocese, has issued the quit notice, saying he could not support a church that condones homosexuality.

Kogo, who has just returned from a pilgrimage in Israel, said the faithful must uphold the sanctity of the Anglican family.

Bishop Thomas Kogo of the Anglican Church of Kenya addresses journalists at the Eldoret Cathedral Church, on Wednesday.

He said those advocating for gay marriages were driven by desire for money and wealth.

"God recognises marriage between man and woman, and there is no way we will accept homosexuality and gay marriages. The Bible is very clear on the matter," he said.

The bishop said during the pilgrimage by more than 1,200 pilgrims worldwide, those in attendance resolved to reject gay marriages and promised to fight for the unity of the Anglican community.


I had forgotten. We were in court today.

Update: Ugandan LGBT/HIV human rights defenders court hearing adjourned to 9th.07.2008

Date: 8th July, 2008

The three Ugandan LGBT/HIV human rights defenders that were arrested and detained on the 4th of June 2008 and charged with criminal trespass,

appeared in court today Tuesday the 8th of July 2008 at 9:30 am, at the Buganda Road Magistrate’s court in KampalaUganda.

The state provided a witness, one Police officer, detective constable P. Nicholas attached to Central Police Station. This state witness told court that he arrested the 3 LGBT HIV/AIDS activists at the implementers

meeting on 4th of June 2008 at Imperial Royale hotel in Kampala and handed them to 999 Police, who later delivered them to Jinja Road Police station. He said he arrested the three because they did not have

official invitation cards admitting them to the conference. He further told court that the 3 activists had placards that were written on: “gays are also Ugandans” and the other reading, “Since 1983 to 2008 no shilling for gays”.

The witness also told court that he later found out, that the three activists had been invited and given special invitation cards by the US Ambassador and the organizers, who insisted that the activists should attend the meeting.

However he strongly emphasized that even when the activists reappeared at the conference, they were not allowed to attend the main conference on the directives of the Director of AIDS Commission Dr, kihumuro Apuuli

He further said, that the ambassador got the trio a special room where they had meetings with some committees .The defense lawyer for the three LGBTI activists crossed examined the state witness and in his cross examination, he put to the witness that the state had used him to harass his clients. Case has been adjourned to tomorrow Wednesday 9th, July, 2008 at 9:00am at Buganda Road Magistrate court when the placards showing the activists’ messages urging government to include LGBTI people in National HIV&AIDS intervention programming will be presented as exhibits.

So, we will be back tomorrow. What will happen? I don’t know


And some light moments.

I received an sms from a kuchu friend who was pissed off. Very pissed off. Here is the text;

I’m sending you a message of a guy with whom I had almost the best sex of my life. I thought that maybe he could be one who I can stay with for longer.

and the offending text followed-

Pliz never call me again or have anything to do with me. We are finished 4ever. GOD IS GOD AND WILL NEVER CHANGE. HE HAS DELIVERED ME FROM THE HANDS OF THE ENEMY. PLIZ LEAVE MY LIFE 4 EVA. JESUS (GAVE) ME A NEW LIVE. In God we trust.

Sorry, I commiserated, and my friend exploded…

Sorry? That’s all? I HATE RELIGION! Do you see how it destroys people’s minds?


Well, we had to take the conversation off the phone. He was too angry, and I just could not comfort him. Well, we know the risks, and in the kind of atmosphere of hate we live in, it is very, very tough to accept what one is. The guy has turned the best sex he had into a loathsome experience. Sigh, the alchemy of the mind!!!!

But of course Kimbowa will disagree…

Enough of rants. Be well.



Anonymous said...

Sounds more like religion healed the other guy's mind.

gayuganda said...

Hi Intrigued,

You wish.

Been there. Done that. You cannot run and hide from yourself. Just postpone the inevitable.

Been there. Done that. Better to know yourself than think you are 'healed' of what you are.

DeTamble said...

Religion doth sucketh

Princess said...

Religion and belief in God can be two different things...

gayuganda said...

Eh deT,

did you name yourselves the two Evil sisters? Seems you have chosen to disagree, but not to fight about that disagreement this time, eh?

you grown up now??

DeTamble said...

That was not a name I picked. Comrade gave it to us that time we held a knife to his throat and forced him into hot pink short shorts for our viewing pleasure.

Where did I disagree?

gayuganda said...


I have to remember the cultural differences between us, sis. I will not tell.

DeTamble said...

Educate me on our wonderful cultural differences and tell me.

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