Saturday, July 26, 2008

Namirembe, Kampala

A picture is worth a thousand words?

Well, you first have to see mine to believe that.

One sun splashed day, I went walking, up Namirembe hill. You should be able to google it on Google Earth, I bet. Me and my internet connection, I cannot.

Namirembe. One of the ‘original’ seven hills of Kampala, I am given to understand. A huge mound, kopje like in the centre of the city as it sprawls round and about. These days it is hard to figure out where the city starts and ends. But, apparently, it used to be ‘the’ centre.

At the very top of the hill is the shrine for the Anglican god. Here is the approach, from my pedestrian point of view.

Shame (my photographic sense, that is). If you want to see more of it, it is below. St. Paul’s Cathedral, Namirembe. I am told it has some very interesting history. At the moment, it is not the seat of Orombi, though his palace, the Archbishop’s palace is behind me as I take the photo.

Why isn’t the biggest, most prominent cathedral the seat of the Archbishop of the Church of Uganda? Ha, our divisive politics. The church is so rich in them. A tale for another day.

Namirembe is a round hill. The shrine sits at the very summit, leveled. She is squat, like an old lady who is all front. I mean, there is no front- or maybe I just rarely see the front?

I often climb that hill. But usually it is to look at this view.

Am looking west as I take that one. Here, I watch the sun setting, though come to think of it, not of recent. Between me and the horizon is the river valley in which I live. And I have for some time.

Let me bring it closer.

Ok, it is true. Weird me. I come not to see the valley, but to look at the sunset, and the cloud formations. So, since the camera is usually pointing upwards, you get more cloud than land. Ha!

To the east is the city. The jumble of buildings that is Kampala. I warn you, it is not that beautiful in the brilliant sun. Cannot hide the muddy corners, you see. But this is part of the city.

Spread out like an old lady’s skirts. Told you, she is squatting.

Another look.

Sheraton Kampala, the Gaddafi mosque squat on Old Kampala hill. Though I think of it as a shoulder of Namirembe hill. Well, my geography is not so good!

That is the more presentable part of Kampala. Ha ha ha! I have cut out quite a bit.

Have missed the sunset today. Funny, I do not have any pics of that from my favorite perch.

And, a last cryptic message. The appointment still holds, even after this long.

Hey, I have got Google Earth Image of Namirembe hill. Here you are.



Anonymous said...

Nice pics. Compare your 3rd shot with one of the the opening scenes in this 1942 video, the crowning of Ssekabaka Mutesa II. Shot from approximately the same spot.

spiralx said...

And since you mention Google Earth, I'll see if I can copy your pix to them to attach to their mapping!

DeTamble said...

Cool pictures. The third one reminds me so much of my home, I've saved it.

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