Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ssempa’s Obsession

In the New Vision is an interesting letter to the editor. Someone is complaining that Pastor Ssempa was not given enough time to discuss the all important issue of homosexuality on a radio talk show, the ‘Capital Gang’. What kind of leader is Kahinda Otafire (Minister of State for Local Govt) not to understand the importance of this debate?

Made me wonder. Someone is obsessed with my ‘deviant’ sexuality. But it is not me. Oh, I am gay, and a Ugandan. But it is a fact that I have lived with this consciously for more than ten years now. It is simply not that big a deal anymore. I will fight anyone who wants to put me in prison because of my sexuality, because of what I am. But that is a small thing in comparison to all the things I am.

Think of my lover. He is preparing to go to work now. He is a man, my lover, my man. But he is also a brother and leader in his family, with responsibility as the elder son alive. When I hold him in my arms, he is everything in the world to me. But I also know him as a good administrator, a contentious debater, a rabid ‘movement’ supporter, and a fervent Christian. Our sexuality does occupy his mind, but it is not such an over-riding thing that he would have to put down everything to debate it. It is simply one of many things that are part of our lives.

But that is not the same with Ssempa, and Nsaba Buturo.

Homosexuality is to them a clear and present danger. It should be attacked with all the weapons possible. Yesterday, waking up Sunday morning, I heard Nsaba Buturo advocating for ‘Universal Moral Education’, to combat such evils as homosexuality, of course. Universal primary education is a fantastic idea, which we have failed to implement well. But the honourable Minister of State for Integrity feels that homosexuality is such a clear and present danger that children must have classes in morality. That he has already been in contact with the Minister of Education about the idea.

Someone is obsessed with my sexuality. And wonder of wonders, it is not me. Tovi described his god as one without tolerance. But it seems the intolerance is mainly with my sexuality. For other things, like corruption, he may wink, but god help the homosexual. Remember the saga of Mega FM and Nsaba Buturo?

Why is Ssempa so obsessed with homosexuality? There must be a reason that is cogent. His obsession predates the press conference by years. And it is an obsession.

As for the rest of the 95%, I am not sure that they would not want to move on. The debate has been, and we go on. Not so Ssempa, and Nsaba Buturo.

And I?

Beautiful weather outside. My weather sense is that the rains are gone. For now. The sun rises in a blaze of light and heat, the air is clear and the skies clean of the white fluff we call clouds. A very beautiful day, promising blazing warm weather.

I have time to write, and to think of poetry and other things. My sexuality; oh, my lover is gone to work. Wish him a nice day. Hope he comes back safe and sleeps in my arms tonight. What is more important than love?



Anonymous said...

God is Love so I concur with you... there is no one or nothing more important than God.

gayuganda said...

Hi Cindy,

Have been thinking of that assertion of yours. Couldnt help but ask, why are his children so hate ridden?

And why dont they see it. Manuel insist that he is very angry with me, a person that he knows only one thing about, but he loves me. Strange statement. Anger. and Love. about an entity that you know nothing about. More likely it is prejudice. Can one be prejudiced to love?

Anonymous said...

hi gug.

the thing is we all have different ways of interpreting things. someone will burn their child for taking a 100/= to buy a sweet in the name of loving the child and the need for discipline.

as a christian, i can understand where manuel is coming from and i have friends who are like that. but what i believe he is really driving at is that he hates what you do but still loves you as a person... does that make sense to you?

gayuganda said...

The truth Cindy?

I do not get it.

Hate is a huge word. Why hate what I do? I don't do it with him. I do it with a person who consents. The one I do it with loves it. We do it together, and we love it. We do not hurt anyone else, and we are both consenting adults.

There are so many things in the world that I don't like. But I would not confront a stranger with my dislike of them.

And, for the loving me? Loving me enough for me to go to prison for what I do with my love?

Will he understand that I say, and mean, thanks but no thanks?

Still think prejudice is the name for that 'love/hate'.

A Young Paparazzi engages the Culture said...

I cant believe after all we have gone through preparing for CHOGM.Homosexuals come in to push their agenda.

We are a sovreign nation.even the queen is married to a man.we wouldnt have prince charles if she had gone for a fellow woman

wooowe...wooowe ..Oh....oh....oh Africans lets wail at this abomination that has befallen our land

Please if you are one of those reading this come lets help you out of that, you are not the problem, homosexuality is the problem

wooowe...woowe...maama woowe

gayuganda said...

Hi Semaka Eddie,

Just wondering of all these blog posts, why did you seek out this one?

You one of the guys sharing Ssempa's Obsession?

Its funny. You are the one who is sick, but you brand me sick. Ever heard of the parable to take the Log out of your eye before you try to remove the splinter from mine?


thanks for your good wishes to me. They are over flowing with love. But I have a problem that I read hate in it. That is my problem. That is my perception. Poor me!


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