Sunday, March 23, 2008

Freedom of Association

What is with Nsaba Buturo? It seems some people in Uganda just do not have the constitutionally enshrined freedom of association.

Oh, I do not mean the political opposition. Those of course do not have freedom to meet. But there are other groups like us, homos. And Sex workers.

They may be Ugandans. They may be human beings, but hell, this does not mean that Nsaba Buturo will let them meet. Why not? I am pasting the New Vision article here.

Miria Matembe, formerly Minister of Ethics and Integrity, before Nsaba Buturo, and an effective one at that, does wonder about the ‘Christian’ credentials of Nsaba Buturo. According to her, the gentleman is obsessed with condemning people. Yet the hypocrite forgets the corruption in parliament, in govt, and others. His job seems to condemn and hate speak those who cannot answer him.

Here is the story.

"Govt bans prostitutes meeting

THE Government will not allow a planned prostitutes workshop to take place, the ethics and integrity state minister, Dr. James Nsaba Buturo, has said.

The workshop, targeting all prostitutes in East Africa, is reportedly being organised in Entebbe by Akina Mama Wa Africa, a local womens organisation.

In a statement released yesterday, Buturo described the workshop as conspiracy to commit a criminal offence.

It is the duty of the Government to protect citizens of Uganda. It will not permit the association of self-confessed prostitutes when at risk are countless Ugandans as well as the desecration of our chosen way of life, which is to live as decent and lawful people, Buturo said.

He described as unwise individuals or organisations who are aiding prostitutes to host the workshop.

The same organisation was behind the V-Monologues show which the Government stopped because it promotes immorality.

That track-record of dragging our God-loving country into the mud of immorality shall be resisted, Buturo stressed.

Prostitution, Buturo noted, was a harmful practice, which dehumanises and exploits people.

It has broken homes, is a major source of the spread of HIV/AIDS. It is the worst form of child abuse. It treats them as sexual and commercial objects, the minister explained.

He added that although Article 29 of the Constitution provides for freedom of association, it did not mean fundamentally lawful.

‘The purpose of such association must be fundamentally lawful’.

‘Under the Penal Code, Section 138 and 139 prostitution is a felony and is punishable by imprisonment for up to seven years with no option of a fine, Buturo said."

Yeah, all animals are equal. But some animals are more equal than others...



Anonymous said...

Oi! I'm a little too heated, but people who think like that are usually the ones soliciting the prostitutes.

Someone needs to follow this nasty man around and figure out what he's doing.


gayuganda said...

He is a nasty man by all reports!!!!

Not sure whether he 'believes' or it is just the politics.


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