Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Obama Speech

I am at home. Just finished dinner. A great meal. He cooks very well indeed. Very well.

I have not been so into politics, the great live show happening in America for some time. Afraid I do have a short attention span. Bored by things which go on for a long time. And this endless election cycle has simply worn me down. There are some more interesting things.

Like Castro leaving office!

Anyway, I have been shaken out of my lethargy. Obama has given a speech, and of a sudden, I am listening to a politician.

I cannot bear speeches. Most political speeches bore the hell out of me. I try my level best not to listen to them, even when my friend is glued to the TV because the president is speaking. I hate them, with a passion.

I have read Obama’s speech, from beginning to end.


I guess because it is not just a speech. He does not speak like a politician.

He has reminded me. Long time ago, a very long time ago, my idea of perfect idealism was the great romantic story of the American revolution. I believed, with a fervor that was at once uncritical, and complete. Sigh. Youth and innocence seems such a long time ago!

Anyway, I grew up, and disillusioned.

The Iraq war happened, Gulf 1, and then 2…

I have listened to snippets of Bush, the 43rd.

I have tried my best to avoid all those of M7. They are profoundly sedative in delivery.

I do remember I was spell bound, for all of 2 minutes by Blair…

Guess that is the full extent of my ‘experience’ in speeches.

The Obama speech? Is it a politician speaking, or is this a normal person? Politicians are not normal. They live in never-never land, where problems are solved by the politician being elected to office.

I guess one has to read it in full by ones self. Yeah, it is a great speech. The understatement of the evening. Why is this guy running as a politician? He could be elected a deity by popular acclaim. Well, the Dalai Lama is threatening to ‘resign’. Maybe there will be a vacancy awaiting him soon…



DeTamble said...

I met the Dalai Lama once when I was a child. He's incredible.

I hope Obama becomes president.

In fact I may even pray. Even though I don't believe in God. I'll pray to someone else.

Princess said...

I've tried to read the speech, but it's too long for my attention span at the moment.
I'll be along later to read it.

gayuganda said...

Hm, well,

here are the Obamanites.

Who will hear you deTamble? But the speech is actually good.

Princess, it is worth the time. Why does it get me? Because it is a politician talking facts. Well, i said that before.

So, why does it strike me?

The clarity, the eloquence, the honesty. Just words? Maybe, but they reveal the person inside.


Anonymous said...

Call me cynical, but a lot of politicians start out as sincere and clear-speaking. Only to turn into double-speak stereotypes after vested interests and the media have begun their long war of attrition! Good luck to Obama. But if he becomes President, it'll be interesting to see what he's saying in 4 years' time!

Anonymous said...


You are 100% right! This Obama is simply awesome! I don't care a hoot about his "politics", but I do care about the kind of person he is, his idea of what the world might be.

And it is that kind of visionary we need so desperately..not just another political operative like Clinton or McCain, but a man who sees past all the pragmatic garbage to the ideals.

I can hardly dream the reality that he actually might be our next president! I haven't reacted to anyone this way since John F. Kennedy!

gayuganda said...

Hi Bolton,

good that you are here to state that. I get embarrassed saying that a mortal man 'inspires' me!!!!

But true, he does!


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