Friday, March 7, 2008

Optional pleasures

First is the internet. A screen, with a keyboard, and the ability to access information from round the world. It wouldn’t kill me not to know that Hillary or Obama has won the primaries, or that Man U has crushed out of the Champion’s League, or that there has been an earthquake or tsunami in Malaysia. Or that the land wars in Uganda are getting dangerously heated.
But when I don’t get this optional pleasure, I feel like life is missing something. Feels like missing breakfast, or one of the major meals of the day. A fix that I need to have.

Sex is optional. But it does make the day better, waking up in his arms, loving him, making love, holding him later like there is no tomorrow. Yes, even when I go work, the knowledge that he will be at home with me in the evening, and that we can make love- an optional pleasure, but silver lining to the day.

Love is an optional pleasure. We can definitely choose not to love. Was reading through a deposition from the Royal College of Psychiatrists to the Church of England, about sexuality, homosexuality. They were quite firm. The weight of current scientific and medical evidence is that sexual orientation is not a choice. But practicing homosexuality is a choice.

Like saying the Pope chose to be celibate, not to have sex. But that does not stop him from being heterosexual (that is, if he is heterosexual)

Would I choose not to love?

That makes me hot under the collar. I am gay. Why should I choose not to love, or show love, because I am gay? Logically, a no brainer. But it is a fact that most people, and many of my country mates believe that I should not love because I am gay. Hell, there is a law against it, and it is enshrined in the constitution that I cannot marry the one I love!

I can choose not to note that the day is beautiful.

Complain about the potholes in the road, the dirt and dust hanging in the air, the traffic jams which have been terrible this morning, and the inflation, the price of petrol and the weakness of my eyes.

Or I can open my eyes and look at the world as is. Didn’t know that there was a shower during the night. But there I was in the morning, air cool and washed and damp, the grass green and turgid, dew strengthened by rain, the ground damp. Pools of water glistening all over the roads. I can choose not to notice the beauty of the people around me, or the springy lightness in children’s steps, skipping to school, with all the joy of childhood.

Optional pleasures? Indeed, but they are something that makes living worth the while. Have a great day.


PS. Gay Bashing in Uganda. A Bishop takes aim. Far as I know, sex is illegal in school. All sex is illegal in Ugandan schools. Students are not supposed to be taught about condoms- because of that policy. Stupid? (Well, maybe in my view!) But seems there are some headmasters in Uganda sneaking around and condoning gay sex in school...

Bah! Just a gay bashing opportunity



Princess said...

I remember one time at school, we had a huge number of girls expelled, merely because they showed more interest in some girls' company than others.
In my opinon, they ought to have expelled the whole lot of us since we each had our own exclusive circle of friends!

The 27th Comrade said...

I find it interesting that the article you link to has this Bishop guy blaming the West. Hmm. I think I better rush with my opinion piece.

You'll note that the Bishop would readily base his `no-gays!' attitude on his interpretation of the Bible (being a Bishop and all ...), but the Bible is of the West, so it becomes paradoxical. :o)

Anonymous said...

All the scientific approaches to sexuality make it clear that sexual orientation is at least partly a biological thing.
Only religion splits action off from orientation! And for reasons that scarcely make sense any more in the modern world.
Like inviting a Pastor to speak at a school's thanksgiving (for what?) ceremony - how quaint!

gayuganda said...

Wow Princess,

so students were expelled because they were suspected to be lesbians? Err, you must be a strong person. Associating with this homo here. Good to know that you do not believe that my sexuality will rub off on you. Kudos to you.

yeah. The white people brought the Bible,and it was embraced. But when they brought respect for gays, it is condemned as 'foreign'. A question to ask Ssempa, what is more African, homosexuality or Christianity. He wrote an article in the New Vision once which seemed to say it was homosexuality, but, maybe I am maligning him.
What is your answer to that 27th? I know comrades are supposedly atheists, but the 27th may be an exception.

Hi Anon,
I do love the way religion insists that we homos should be 'celibate'. I love it, because it is so stupid I wonder which universe these people inhabit!

But I have to remind myself, logic is a perception.


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