Saturday, March 8, 2008

Women's Day

It is a very beautiful day.

Had a spot of rain in the night, and the dawn was overcast. But now the clouds have thinned, and the sun is out, and it is a golden glow on the streets and houses and trees of Kampala. A day to lift up ones spirits.

Woke up late. Ok, the alarm went off, and I got out of bed, then moved back in. Lazy morning. Had opened my eyes briefly during the night when it was raining. And I knew the morning would be wet, but it was not. But the call of my lovers warm body in bed was too enticing. Went back to him. Held him in my hands. Savoured love tangible.

Women’s Day today.

I think it is International Women’s Day, but Uganda has the distinction of being the only country which holds it as a public holiday. Empowerment of women.

I am all for it. We treat our women horribly. I’m a man, so bet you I know!

In the newspapers, besides it being a public holiday dedicated to the other half of the species, seems as if there is little news. All the other things seem to be the same old stuff, so I will just enjoy the day.

Though have just noted that the painter is not okay. Wish him a quick recovery.

Kampala, the city empty of the usual rush of cars. Sunshine on the trees and grass and tarmac. Karooli, (Maribou storks) preening in the sunshine, sunbathing for all they are worth. These birds are quite characteristic of Kampala. Omnivorous scavengers of the dirt of the city. For some reason they seem to love downtown. Made the middle of the city their place. Supposedly endangered, they are periodically poisoned and their nests destroyed, but they come back. Only caution to the pedestrian, beware walking under a tree in Kampala. Their white poo is embarrassing!

I have to break off. Maybe write a poem, though I don’t think I will have the time to. Come to think of it, I have not been that garrulous as usual.

But each in its own time. Have a great day.



Anonymous said...

the painter?

gayuganda said...

Orokie the artist


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