Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Gay Ugandan and Religion 3

Why do human beings need religion?

I do not know the answer to that. But I think we do. Need religion that is.

Take gay Ugandans, kuchus. If you were to listen to the religious leaders in Uganda talk about us, you would sincerely wonder what kind of people we must be.

Mufti Mubajje, spiritual leader of the Moslems in Uganda, wants us exiled on an island on Lake Victoria, till our death. So that no other kuchus taint other Ugandans. When Pastor Ssempa, he of the ‘Rainbow Coalition against Homosexuality’ is talking about us on national television, his distaste is palpable. He spits, or makes spitting noises when referring to us. He is an HIV activist (so he says) and his distaste for us is so complete that he believes we gay men do not deserve an HIV prevention programme because we are illegal. And when something is illegal, the government should not facilitate it. His words, not mine. Unfortunately, his opinion does matter in Uganda.

The Church of Uganda has decided to be one of the leaders of the schism between it and other congregations of the world wide Anglican fellowship. The Catholic church? Well, did you hear the Pope’s Christmas or New Years message saying that we gay people are one of the threats to world peace?

Yet, still, gay people do want to believe, in religions, in gods, who others are so absolutely sure reject them.

We are human beings. In as much as we are human beings, we do have a right to believe. Just like other human beings. We have a right to faith, though the majority seem to be obsessed with our sinful selves.

My lover went to the priest that he wanted to talk to.

Told you he was a Catholic, but he has spent a lot of time out of church recently. He feels persecuted. He feels he no longer belongs, so he wanted to face this with a priest.

He tells me he talked to the priest, told the priest that he was in danger of losing his faith because of the Church’s opposition to his sexuality. He was not feeling welcome anymore.

I only know what my lover tells me, but he did come back in high spirits. The priest encouraged him to attend church. Stated that we are all sinners, and that homosexuals are not more sinners than other people. That he should recommit, and the other problem would be solved. My lover insisted that it was not a problem. That he was not going to go into thinking of it as a problem. And that it may be an issue but it was not a problem.

The priest reluctantly agreed. So my lover says.

He came back in high spirits, did my lover. I am fairly sure that he found the priest unprepared. Probably the guy is going back to check on the ‘catholic doctrine’ on homosexuality. Maybe he will invite him back for a more detailed talk.

Myself, I am grateful. At least, for now, we are together. Of course his faith will continue to be a challenge.

Me and my lover, we cannot talk about faith and religion. My views and his are so radically different that we tend to agree to disagree. Here I can only look on and support him as and when I can. But I have lost the empathy to belief that I used to have.

Anyway, crisis controlled for now. Hopefully.

Though I must note that we stayed in bed this Sunday morning. He did not mention going to church. I did not remind him or suggest anything like it!

Strategic omission, on my part!



DeTamble said...

An island on Lake Victoria? How big is this said island? Because if it's of reasonable size you could set up a paradise. You could keep it clean and pretty and make some food and set up a Gay Smugglers Union and all the gays from around the world will send you stuff (Because you'll be the Gay World Leaders and they'll be in awe of you) and the gays in other Victoria Lake bordering countries will ship it to you in an awesome rainbow coloured sailing ship. Except the ship will have like 12 motors on the back so it'll go really fast! And you could have independence form Uganda and be like Vatican City except way cooler and the people will be so much better looking. It could be a LGBT island. With an IVF clinic in case anyone wanted a child and therefore also neatly avoiding the straight sex if that's not the way you swing. It could even be slightly communist, since islands seem to work well that way. then the 27th could go check out the island on a short visit, see if it appeals to his communist ideals. then you could see if he can handle being told he's cute by a ton of gay guys. My guess is that he can't handle being told he's cute by another man and that he'd freak out and run away like a little sissy.

Are you sure people need religion? I always found it off putting and boring and it involved me getting up earlier then I wanted to. Did I mention BORING? Religion just doesn't do it for me. Maybe it's because I was raised in a deeply non-religious country.

Do you really think that you need religion GUG?

gayuganda said...

On religion,

Well, my answer is that I dont, but my mate does, and I cannot deny him his right. So I stand by him.

On the Island, I am afraid the Mufti meant something like a Gulag, or a Concentration camp. A final solution to rid Uganda of Kuchus. (not my words. His).
He certainly did not want us to have a Pleasure Island.


Anonymous said...

While I think it's self-evident that human beings *have* religion, it may not actually be the case that they *need* religion.

There was an unteresting article last year in the NYT that covered the ground being examined in the scientific enquiries into the nature of human religion. See:!6AA39937A982345B!3304.entry

BTW, I'm glad I came across your blog. It makes good, and thought-provoking reading...

Anonymous said...
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gayblade said...

I can't imagine what it is like to live with such messages of hate and lies and ignorance constantly fired at you. I admire you for keeping on.

SpecialK261 said...

hmm..sounds serious as always..i notice you usually have very thought provocating topics...religion...the funny thing is....people have such wide ranging views of religion and guys are still together...I'm not sure hat to think of it myself....i ahve ahd experience on oboth sides of the spectrum....i believe thier almost is no answer....

DeTamble said...

I did understand what Mufti meant. I just thought my idea was much better then his, because my idea is obviously awesome and his idea is petty and stupid.

gayuganda said...

Hi all, thanks for the comments

Geoff, you are very welcome,

esheneutics, you are over analysing. As usual, huh! For me, the matters of faith passed the realms of logic- so all my analysis seems to be illogical. Poor me.

Micheal, thanks. I was going to add that it is easy, we just act like we dont hear what they say. But that is not true. We hear, and seethe on the inside.

Specialk261. Am I always serious? Guess sometimes i forget to smile. Needs a little sunshine, this blog. A poem maybe...

DeTamble, careful, you may move to the top of the ticket!

Thanks all dudes


Anonymous said...

Hello there!
I spent 25yrs as a born again/charismatic/evangelical. I was always Gay but in hiding. Went for deliverance and councelling. In a cycle of fear, repentance and guilt I finally exploded. I really made myself give up on that God.. I am finally free, or free ish... I believe true religion/Christianity is rare.. It does not judge or cast stones...It does not take upon itself the right to single out 1 sin above any other... And I cannot fathom how a Bishop can justify that position, exposing himself as such a great pharisee... I won`t judge heterosexuality even if I think its disgusting. So Bishop, get back to your own fantasy island, the more you judge the more you will raise a rebellion... I bet your Gay really!

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