Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Kitchen Sink Politics.

It does work, kitchen sink politics. In a do or die situation, some people will risk all, and throw the sink too. And it does work. Ask Hillary, the new comeback kid in the democratic party nomination race in the US.

Same thing here, in LGBTI politics.

True, there are many of us, with differing views. Some are fired up and ready to go. With lots of thought and planning and strategies, on how to do everything, from charismatic speech to political infighting. Others are more cautious. Some have much to lose, and others less to lose. There are those who seem to think that gay rights are just a fun way of doing everything else.

Had a lively argument yesterday. Me and my mate.

Was about the friend who was outed, and he is shoaling up his closet with his bare hands. When should one stand up and say, enough is enough. I am gay, like it or not, I am gay? Is it the point when one is being forced into marriage? Another friend did get married, and everyone is happy, but he is not. So he is planning to get out of the marriage. With a child on the way.

The world is not perfect, so if we want to force it into perfect lines, we will end up being more hurt, than helped.

Beautiful morning in Kampala. Overcast, but a kind of gentle coolness after the dry heat yesterday. In the morning rush hour, one may be distracted. Too much rushing going around. Everyone focused, inward turned, to office, or school, or the business of the morning. Those who come early to the city, the workers with morning reporting hours, they are the ones on the road. Later on, the shop workers and street hangers on report. Shops in Kampala open about 10-11.

Beautiful Kampala.

The potholes have returned, post-CHOGM. It was expected. They were supposedly repaired ‘temporarily’ to last 2 years, but they have lasted 3 months. So, one has to revise the internal pothole map of Kampala. (Joke; in Kampala, only a drunk drives in a straight line. You have to mind the pots and holes in the road.)

Sunlight is now making a play on the roofs and roads and trees. A beautiful day, full of promise.
Have a nice day.



Princess said...

Ask Hillary?
Turns out she does have a few good pointers-on how to get up when you're knocked down in the muck.
let her enjoy her momentary success...
Obama 'OYEE!'

Kitara said...

Something needs to be done about those bloody port holes. I twisted my ankle when I accidently landed in a porthole. The event ruined my evening. Mind you being pissed as a fart didn't help. Being a soldier that I am, I still managed to limp throughout the night in Rouge.

Unknown said...

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