Saturday, March 22, 2008

Holy Saturday

Not what I would call this day, but what the Christians term it.

It is a beautiful day. No rain, but the promise of rain in the air. The sun is playing hide and seek with the clouds, the cloud cover is of the patchy kind. The skies are near pseudo angry. They can speak, and they are not so pleased, looking down at me. Me, I am in cheeky mood, ready to thank them for rain or sun. So they hide the sun, and then lift the veil from his hotness, now and again. A shy smile that hides not the promise of brilliant beauty when it is fully revealed.

Holy Saturday.

That day after Good Friday and before Easter Sunday.

The churches are in full regalia, easter mood. Of course after Gaddafi dared to say the Bible is a fake, many are going out of their way to affirm their faith. Fact is, such a challenge reminds people of what they believe.

Mum-in-law is on a war path. She knows I am a non believer; or at least I do not cross myself before food. But her son seems to be following his lover. And she is not amused.

Ten pm on Thursday night, a call from her to her son. Had he attended Mass? The answer was a no. He was waiting for an important call at the time of service. Dared not enter church and leave his mobile on. Business would not wait on church.

Eight am this morning. Call from Mum-in-law to son. Did you attend Mass and the celebrations of the Way of the Cross Friday? Answer was no. Seems to have this code never to lie to her. She is worried, what is happening to her son?

I am sure she will blame my lack of faith, if she is sure of it. Maybe assume that I am going to make him a protestant.

When he told me about the calls, I laughed at him, jocked that she would blame me, and ring to ask why I was holding back her son. I told him that I would inform her that I did not know why he did not like church these days, but that he has not attended as regularly as he used to. And of course I would act the innocent, concerned partner.

When we were watching the news last night, he was incessed. He had planned to go to the ‘Way of the Cross’ procession at Christ the King downtown. Err, business intervened, and he did not go. But what was being reported on the news incessed him.

Apparently, the way of the Cross procession started at Parliament. Not at the church, which is nearby. But, and it was a strong but, the huge banner that was at the head of the procession said ‘HOMOSEXUALITY IS UN-NATURAL’

Now, I am not sure where the crusade against homosexuality ties in with Easter celebrations. Not very sure, after all, I am no Christian. But my lover who is was not happy. It would have been impossible for him to walk behind that banner. And, knowing him, he would have made a scene about it.

I am sure I will not understand where my sexuality ties in, but at the same time, I realy do not care. Or do I?

Celebrations of Easter. Don’t know where I will be, but I will be with him. Am sure he does not consider our love ‘un-natural’. And yes, I will not be at work. That is something that’s a plus. I need to get out and appreciate the beauty of this tropical paradise that we call home. It is new every time that I look at it, and I am appreciative.

Have a happy Easter.



Princess said...

Saw that banner and I'm hard-pressed to describe my reaction.
Indignant, I think is the word.
My family sure gave me blank looks when my protests turned vocal.
same reaction as your partner I guess...I was like what's the point?
oh, and happy easter to you too!

gayuganda said...

Careful princess,

Speaking as one who is in the closet, you will be suspected, and that suspicion may not be that good a mark on you.


The 27th Comrade said...

Who cares if I'm suspected? Long as I'm not, it's safe to play with it. Then again, I know I'd be a gun-toting radical homosexual warrior activist revolutionary fire-brand, if I had been a homosexual, me. :o)

Happy Easter, belated though the greetings are. (I was partying, you see. Plus, be at the next BHH, GUG, or we're no longer friends.)

DeTamble said...

@27th: That would be cool to see but either way I'm glad you're not.

@GUG: Do as he says or I will Willow your comment box until you go insane! Then you have to come and write a huge post about it! Understand? Happy Chocolate!

gayuganda said...

Now I thought I was the only one who was kinky...

27th, matter of fact I would not mind being at BHH, and I do think you would not mind. But remember, i am still a bit of a pariah, and too many people in the community would love to know who I am.

Afterall, i sincerely do not want to get known by the Ssempa crowd, and they are amongst the bloggers!

So, a raincheck for now.

As for deTamble,
Willow away!


Princess said...

@ gug: warning noted.

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