Thursday, March 20, 2008

Muzzle to muzzle

Muzzle to muzzle snuggling

like a wolf would rub

a wolfes's muzzle, nuzzling his love

except that I’m gay, and he’s a man;

the man I love-

Cheek to cheek we rubbed;

drinking one the other’s scent

wordless touch, all saying

that a bushel of talk cannot,

the love rising, tangible vapour

my skin touching;

that, that was it

the sword sharp that convention defied

to soften, blunt the world’s anger

drowned in the rightness of love.

muzzle to muzzle we rubbed,

our world settled, calmed in peace

that only love to love enshrines.

©GayUganda 20 March 2008

True, very unconventional, and the imagery! Bet many will be disturbed. Tell me, are you?

What is a poem I write, but a means of communication, a means of framing some of the words and emotions that so swamp the mind?

I wrote this today, this morning. He was in bed. I had to go to work early. Got out of the bathroom, and he looked so sweet in bed that I jumped onto him. Did not say anything, just rubbed my cheek against his. For a few minutes.

He did not complain, nor did he say anything too. Just rubbed cheeks and smelt one another.

I kissed him, as I pulled away, remembering that I did need to prepare and go work. And as I turned to my desk, saw my notebook, and felt like penning down my emotion, seemed as if it was a huge dammed piece that needed to flow out.

Thought that we had been nuzzling one another like my father’s dogs. But we are not dogs, and the dog is not as romantic as a wolf. So muzzle to muzzle of the wolves it became.

Ok, now tell me that you don’t like it…

(PS, Princess was wondering whether i am a woman... after all the redherrings that I have been throwing around.
No. I am not. I am a man. He is a man. And we love one another.)



The 27th Comrade said...

Um ... whenever you talk of your intimate stuff, I usually just run away. :o)

But, pray tell, when is the official gay day? Do you people have a day? Of course, you do, but which is it?

Meanwhile, I've remembered a debate we were having in your comments back then, and I wanna run and find it, but I can't. Where is that pair of posts you put up on the gay kid who was shot by another kid?

Merci, in advance.

gayuganda said...

Yes comrade, I understand.

Though kind of funny that I wont run away when you intimate about the curvatures of a womans body on your blog.

Official gay day? Dunno. Anyone there to help me?

The debate we were having? Search on the blog for 'Death of a Child' Post was on 28th Feb. Wondering what this is leading...

A.H. said...
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The 27th Comrade said...

I still can't manage to read past the first two sentences. A fear of what lies beyond, you know.
And yet if it had been lesbian erotica, I'd have it all in memory by now. *sigh*

Okay, thanks, GUG, for the link. It is these three: Death of a Child, A Bullot for Valentine, and the one from which I ducked, Racism and Political Correctness.

Why am I collecting them and asking about the date? Well, it's that article I wanted to write about the most-annoying excuse homophobes use here.

(Me, I change posts all the time. I'm homophobic when the Americans start using gay rights an excuse to mind our business. Otherwise, I'm okay with y'all. And also, I think lesbians are divine. ;o) They are more-elevated, so to speak?)

gayuganda said...

Hi Eshuneutics,

you's back. grumble, grumble, dont know half the names that you are reeling off!

If I remember well, your taste is quite, er, exotic! But welcome. 27th says he cannot get past the first two verses, so, maybe different cultures.

but 27th. An indelicate question. Do you watch Lesbian porn?
Yeah, you know, between you and me...
For me, does nothing. For you, guess would rock your world, in more ways than one, huh?


DeTamble said...

even for me. lesbian porn is like a jam sandwich, just without the sandwich, only the jam! breasts, breasts and more breasts. They're hot!

gayuganda said...


too visual.

A.H. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
gayuganda said...


people round you must walk on eggshells. Seems as if you are always ready to take offence!

any news of the painter?


Afriboy said...
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Princess said...

yes, the first few lines make me apprehensive.should I read on, I ask myself?
and then I do and find that it is actually quite tame...

gayuganda said...

Good for you princess


The 27th Comrade said...

Let's put it this way, GUG, if I ruled the world, lesbian porn would be the only legal porn. :o)
Oh, I'm sufficiently-open about my own kinks. I think I've blogged about liking lesbians.

But you, GUG ... Eeeeeewwwww. No offense intended, but eeeewwww.

Afriboy said...

Have you been in touch with the Painter?

gayuganda said...


looking up. I have corrupted you into calling him the painter? Way to go.

no. Have not been in contact, not since the op, though I guess he was not online.


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