Saturday, March 29, 2008

Is morning

Is morning. And I’m awake.

Saturday morning. A wet and rainy morning.

Woke up to the rain, and the feeling that I had overslept. The whole of yesterday, the cold in my nose (which I would gladly have cut off), and the weakness in my body, which I could not cut off, was gone. And I was feeling randy.

Good that we sleep in the same bed. That thought comes and is soon fulfilled.

A proper look out; when inside I am sated, and outside is awash in water.

It rained during the night. Not the lashing rainstorms that overwhelm the earth with floods. But the gentle drip-drip which lasts hours and hours. Hours of the night in my lovers warm embrace, and on into the morning, when the birds awake and the night becomes light.

My valley is green. A green garden, the bananas, avocado, pawpaw and other leaves held out proudly. Green as green can be, wet with the morning rain and dew, and full of life.

There is always a downside.

Most likely it is flooding in the valleys, and people are having a rough time of it.

How will I plan this day? Still need some rest. The cold is not yet gone, the nose still a little stuffy. And a little exercise reminds me of that very vividly. But I will get over that.

Feel like I could take on the whole world and swim the ocean, a shark, or the majesty of the blue whale, an unchallenged behemoth. Yet only life is before me, a few hours to fill as I can. I will write what I can, and clear out my e-box, and see what the world has been up to when I was away.


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