Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday Morning

A truly beautiful morning.

Many times when I write that, I try to qualify the mere statement of beauty with what I see. I fail, badly. Don’t know whether a picture would do it true justice.

Opened the door to a group of my nephews. Kids, happy, dancing and laughing around. Unwashed faces, streaming noses. I teased them and they ran off, to wash, I hope. That was before I sat out to realy look at the day.

The verandah, my perch of the morning.

I look out over the valley. To the west.

Trees, green everywhere. There used to be real forest giants. Now, not more than shrubs. The pressure of humans. But they are trees, and big, and they cover the valley, towering above the houses. They were wreathed in an early morning mist touched with sunshine. A fairy tale landscape.

The quiet of the morning. Was out after the bird chorus, and before the children start shouting- Sunday morning it is. Little traffic to hear in the distance, but the silence of the morning, a beautiful soft morning touched with sunshine. Now and again, a bird calls to its mate, or sings, for the sheer joy of it. Its still, the leaves of trees and bananas and bushes around me held out to the sunlight in an almost un-natural stillness. Guess I am so aware of it when it blows, because there are so many leaves to tell me so. Whispering with the sussulation of the wind, rubbing one another in cozy abandon. But now, they are still, hanging motionless. Still.

The air is cool to the skin. Not warm, not cold, just an ambient, skin touching cool whenever it stirs my movement.

Peace. Quiet. Calm.

That seems the blessings that this day will bring.

My love. Couldn’t get out of bed because I was holding him. Did get up late, torn away.

He is sick. The cold that has been disturbing me. Inevitable, we share too much not to share that kind of virus. He nursed me through mine. I am not as good a nurse. But I will try.

Planning a day at home, hopefully holding him in my arms. Soothing that bad feel away.

I know it will pass, but it is an opportunity for me!

Have a beautiful Sunday.


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Princess said...

GUG, I am here to file an official complaint...
I'll start your next post for you and you can do the rest:

"Tuesday afternoon."

The keyboard is now all yours...

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