Friday, March 7, 2008


I think I do try to accept the fact that logic is a perception. But it is galling to know how deeply we as human beings differ in what we think is logical.

I think George W Bush and Osama bin Laden are birds of a feather. That is what I think, and I know that can be infuriating to some, but, well, I can have the freedom to say something like that, cant I? Though certainly not in Uganda about the President!

Ssempa and I cannot see eye to eye. He believes I am too evil because I am gay, I believe he is too evil because he is a hypocrite. And we are trying to hurt each other. Big deal, he is trying to hurt me, I am doing my best to dodge the bullets.

Still a matter of perception.

I asked before, what did the children do?

I have just been reading another senseless act of carnage, and again I asked myself, what did the children do? This time it is between Palestinians and Israelis. Again the most accurate answer is that the children were from the wrong ethnic group.

Yet it is interesting.

The Kenyan outrage seems to have led to some remorse, on both sides, if I can believe what is going on there. But in Israel and Gaza

It is a fact that we can teach ourselves to hate, and to be cruel, and to wink at the most cruel things that can happen. Love is an ideal and a perception. No absolutes there. Love and loving can be learnt. Do not bash my home grown philosophy. It is in a pot, still brewing, and I do not know where it is leading me!

Anyway, I think, again maybe controversially, that the situation in Gaza and Israel is one of the worst examples of man’s inhumanity to fellow man. Because of a difference in the skin colour, or birth, or lineage. Because one is a Jew, and another an Arab, or something like that. And I do not play favourites. Both Jew and Arab have done despicable things to each other. Yet that situation is a deadlock that has continued for decades, and is not about to be resolved.

Deep thinking is always convoluted.

Anyway, why is man, woman cruel to one another?

I don’t know, and I don’t know whether I will ever discover in this short life of mine. Doesn’t stop me from asking the question. Why is it automatic that the other guy or gal is in the wrong, and wrong enough to be killed etc? What did the children do?

I have been accused of serious thoughts, so I promise that the next post should be on the light side.

Though I am still wondering, why are we so cruel to one another?


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