Saturday, March 1, 2008

A Bullet for Valentine

I dedicate this post to 27th Comrade, and to Kissyfur

I did not know that the problem was simply asking one to be his valentine. The words are not mine, and here they are.

Ellen DeGeneres was moved to tears on her show when she began talking about gay hate crimes. The 50-year-old talk show host told the audience about 15-year-old Lawrence King was murdered by a classmate on February 12 after he asked another boy to be his Valentine. “To be gay you can get killed for it…we need to change the message,” she said. “Larry is not a second class citizen. I am not a second class citizen. It is okay if you are gay.”

In case you dont know what she is talking about, it is about the child who was killed by a child, the 15 year old who was killed by a 14 year old.



DeTamble said...

Ellen is 50?!?! Holy shit I had no idea! She doesn't look it! Or maybe the episodes screening here are just really, really old. Hmmm. I wonder.

spiralx said...

You should see the picture she has in her attic!! Tee-hee!

DeTamble said...


The 27th Comrade said...

Only in America.
Would you get shot for being a gay secret admirer in Uganda? God knows we have them. There is a problem with a country where teenagers are routine murderers. It's sad that everyone is focusing on the fact that a homosexual was killed, rather than that a teenager killed. (The latter is a better guide for those seeking a solution.)

gayuganda said...

Hi 27th,

thats cool. You mean you would not be offended if I told you that you looked cute? You know the 'man from nowhere' certainly minded, though I just intimated it...

Ok, seriously, I have heard some of the things straight guys in Uganda say about us, and they are not complimentary. We are hypersensitive about it, of course. So we do notice things which some seem to say as a joke.

One of my friends told me once of a time that he was at dinner table and a brother of his said that he would kill a person who was gay. The gay guy was silent. His sister protested, telling the homophobe that it could be his son. The 'phobe said, very firmly, that even if it was his son, he would deserve death.

Well, this friend of mine was recently outed to his family. Dont know whether the homophobe is planning a murder, but would you say that I am a bit concerned?

No, it doesnt happen only in America.


DeTamble said...

I'm a little concerned.

gayuganda said...

Hi DeTamble,

no big deal. When living on the frontline, bullets are kind of expected. Just have to make sure that my luck in dodging them holds.


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