Friday, March 28, 2008


Nose blocked. Head woozy. Yes, and I don’t think much will come of this post.

Cold stopped me from working. Maybe the first time in long time. My accent has changed, my lover is gone off to work, and I am looking at the tv and wondering what things can make this better. I mean, malaria I understand. That confines me to bed and makes me feel realy low. But this stuffy nose! Don’t remember it holding me down before. But it is, this time. Maybe am growing old.

At least had a good nights sleep. No mosquitoes, treated net. The problem was not lover man, but a wet net.

Weather is overcast. May remain so for most of the day. But no rain, and that is fantastic. Though I love rain, it becomes too much. And of course there are many who are finding it a problem. Houses in the valleys, flooding. Was a mess in Bwaise, Nateete and other low lying suburbs of the city.

Speaking of which, the Comrade has a nice rant about some people who built in the swamp. Reminds me of the parable. (though that was building on sand vs. rock if I remember well.) For some reason he blames the government.

Muse has taken a walk through the window, flown out through the ventilator. But it is beautiful out there. Wet, as wet can be, not a sign of the sun, though it is day. Birds are singing, and the road remembers yesterdays interminable rain. If I could, I would go walking, just to look around and see the newer green since the rain. Its like after every shower, though the roads turn to red mud ribbons, the grass on the sides and the banana leaves and tree leaves all hold out the fronds a bit more proudly. Makes me feel good.



Princess said...

I always sound a lot sexier, and have a "modern" accent when I'm afflicted with a cold.

The 27th Comrade said...

@Princess: I wish I could say the same. :o( When my nose is blocked, half my mind is dead. And that does happen sufficient often, now that I stay in Kampala, where there is only some air in the dust.

I miss Entebbe.

@GUG: The rant over there ... Well, I blamed the government because no such rant is complete without it. Or so it seems. Seems people like blaming the government for every fucking thing under the sun.
But I blamed the blamers, too. They are the ones, anyway, who cause us to flee into tho swamps. And, most of all, I blamed the Capitalists.

On the comment you left at that side. You said someone wanted my address. Hmm. I don't know how to leave it here without giving it to the internet spammers. Anyway, here. Go and enter this into the box at rot13, and you'll be able figure out the address.


That is the text you enter, and then click on "Cypher". :o)

Princess said...

27th, me you send me your address direct.
none of the aforementioned drama.

gayuganda said...

But it is cute, isnt it?

Playing hard to get and all that...

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