Monday, July 28, 2008

Scared Goat


I admit it. It is a very beautiful Monday afternoon. And I am depressed.

Not got far to look for the reason. I am scared. Scared for myself, and for whatever is going to happen. Maybe I was putting my emotions, my feelings into words here. Projecting my fear onto someone else.

It is such a beautiful day,

And my mind has seized up with fear and apprehension. I can put it in words, the fear. Better maybe than most other people. But talking about it will not ease me much. So, I will try to do something else.

Distract myself, huh!

deT, Down under is famed for its sheep and wool. Have you ever seen a goat? Here is one for you.

I found her seated sedately in the road, near where I live.

Yes, seated, like so.

Goats here run a wild tame life. Poor creatures, almost tame pets, but reared and kept for their meat. I have seen flocks of goats, in the north and east of the country, but here in Kampala, there are almost always solitary, or in small packs. Or they may be lashed on a rope by the roadside.

She is pregnant. That’s why the flanks bulge out so roundly, so nicely. Maybe the reason why she was seated in the middle of the road on a sunny day. Too heavy to move. Maybe, maybe not. Just interesting to think about a possible reason!

Pretty, in a goaty way, I would say. Maybe that is the reason I stopped and started taking photos of her. Notched up my ‘eccentric’ score a few thousands.

Hum. Wanted to name her deT, but I have already named a huge beaked/nosy bird that. How will Princess take this?

Eh Princess, how do you take that, having an anonymous goat named after you?

Before you start throwing plates and mugs at me, remember, I do not know your tribe. You told me that you are not a Muganda, so that is all I know!!!!! Oh, I can guess. So, is it an honour or an insult to have a goat named after you?

Ah, for me, it is just plain funny! ha ha ha!

OK, Princess. Peace offering, so that you don’t go to that island angry with dear nasty evil brother here. Just a reminder of my bad photography. A hazy full moon, photo taken from my back yard, one full moon.



Princess said...

*Actually, it's funny for me too! :)
"Princess the goat."
My star sign is a goat...LOL

I like the moon pic. Also that you're trying to distract yourself from scary thoughts...

*But come on! Can you not guess my tribe from my surname?

Oh, and it's DeTamble's birthday today. Write her a special post or something. More distraction for you. YAY!!! :D

Leonard said...

Hi, being scared is just fine (try avoiding taking it to paranoia)...think of it as devoting a tad extra focus...I hate being driven by innerfear but I realized some time ago it was the "projecting" of the fear/consequences that were so horrid and as long as photographed or simply hung around pregnant goats and their buddies I'd avoid a lot of thinking about things that were out of my control...then of course I had to actually walk through the thing that scared me in the first place...but, you're no coward and neither am I (as it turns out).

Best to you,


DeTamble said...

27th needs some help.
New post at mine.
Go read...NOW!
Or else I shall no longer worship you...

DeTamble said...

Awww GUG, thank you. I'm so depressed right now and this is really cheering me up :-*

My mum and dad call me Baby Goat because of the way I used to spring and bound over the goat tracks back on the farm we used to live on, just like a goat. Also I really love goats, I think they're the funniest things. And they have the creepiest eyes! But totally cute in that obnoxious, annoying, smelly way.

Yeah, Down Under, famed for its sheep and wool. Needless to say I have always hated sheep. STUPID FLUFFBALLS! Can't stand them.
I have seen a goat before but not for several long years now :-(
Uganda is like goat heaven, right? :P

Princess the Goat :-)
I know her tribe!

Thank you GUG, Mr. Eccentric :-)
I should never have explained how to put up pictures! :D

gayuganda said...

hello baby goat!

I will call you that. And you know what...

Sorry, I am so happy that you told me the trick!

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