Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sunday Afternoon


A soft sunlight dusts everything in sight. Green, that is the theme, but it is now a little brown. The brown of the dust, which is lifting from the roads. The red brown dust of Kampala.

In the middle of the dry season, the dust is a cloud everywhere. It is not yet to that. At the moment, it is dry, but for the last few days, it has been a bit overcast. A rain squall will break that impasse.

Beautiful weather. Forecast was 27C, rising to 28. Little wind, but the overcast, the clouds playing hide and seek with the sun moderate the heat. Beautiful weather. Beautiful Kampala.

Am home, middle of the sitting room.

Lover man went to a seminar I found too inconvenient. Sunday and a meeting? Yes, because most find it that convenient. Me, it was a bit of a stretch. Wanted some time off.

So, I have used the time to do some cleaning. Till I was tired, then decided to get my daily dose of internet trivia.

So Venus beat Serena at the Wimbledon finals. Big deal.

My favourite monster, Mugabe, is having a lot of fun in Zimbabwe. And I am still trying to figure out Barack Obama. Nobody is that perfect…

Classical music on the air.

I am a fan, was late in coming, but somehow, it seems to rhyme with the day, the place and time. No church for me. But, alone in the house, all doors and windows open, and wordless classics. I don’t understand music much, but I get the mood, and I love it.

Sometimes the calm of relaxation is something that one longs for. Did not realize that I needed it, but, now that I have had it, it is fun. Though, very soon, I will be missing my lover!

It’s a beautiful sunlit afternoon. Very beautiful in Kampala. Hope it is as beautiful where you are.



DeTamble said...

*sidles up* Me liiiiike!!

gayuganda said...

Hi sidler,

you know it kind of becomes monotonous....

Bite me!

DeTamble said...

It's not like the news wasn't monotonous either.

And I don't want to bite you.

gayuganda said...


You dont want to bite me now.

By the way, when are you refreshing that post you so kindly wrote to me? I still love it, but I guess, those who havent commented are not going to comment.

DeTamble said...

Tomorrow I guess. I was going to do it tonight but the post I was creating in my head gone flown away. Instead I'm sorting my filing cabinet. Goodbye life.

Btw, I forgot to mention. Father J is a monk. It says so on my birth certificate. And I'm pretty sure monks aren't supposed to get laid.

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