Sunday, March 29, 2009

Anti-Gay Agenda


Langa is on phone to some of us. Requesting for meetings. Should we meet him?

And he is on a roll. A campaign, telling people how bad we are, how we recruit, outing people.

Funny thing. We take our closets for granted. When we are threatened, anger at the person doing that (in love) can become an exceedingly bad thing. You see, we are homosexuals. So, the good, Christian people are justified saying and doing anything, in the name of ‘stopping’ the gay agenda.

Yes, the situation is tense. I have been informed that Langa is advocating the arrest of LGBTI leaders on some fm radio stations. What have they done? They have done all that he has accused them of. He is a popular guest, talking left and right about the horrible ‘homosexual agenda’, and what parents should do to protect their children.

He hits a chord. Here are these ‘homosexuals’. They are big, bad, and ugly. They are funded from outside the country. And they are preying on the helpless children.

Our communities are reacting with anger.

We are the big, bad, gay people. We are the recruiters of their children, the corrupters of their young ones.

For those of us who are known to be gay, hostile reactions. Suddenly, services and goods are not available. Hostility. Abuse.

Uganda is a good step on the road to becoming a Jamaica, thanks to Stephen Langa and his campaign. Did his American friends know that they were stirring up this kind of hatred and hate mongering? They will throw up their hands in helplessness. They never planned this, they will say, with wide eyed innocence.

Planned for the month of April is the gathering of signatures, to convince members of parliament of the people power behind this spontaneous hate movement. A mass rally (anti-gay) in one of the stadia, and getting of more signatures. Then a match to the Parliament, to deliver the signatures for a bill.

Nsaba-Buturo says he wanted a bill which outlaws being gay. Fact.

So, my very act of being is a clear and present danger. Except in prison, maybe.


So, what do I do in face of this mounting, ‘popular’ anger? I can say that I didn’t do the things I am accused of. I can point at their stained white ‘christian’ clothes. I can shout. I can rage. I can….!

It is a steam roller, ready to crush me.

Oh yes, it is pretty personal. And pretty directed.

The strongest weapon in my arsenal? Truth. I am just not as evil as I am painted. Problem is, the Jews who were caught up in the holocaust died, even when they had truth on their side. So did the gays, and the gypsies, and any enemies of the Nazis.

Fact is, life is hard. And knowing it does not make it much easier.




John Powers said...

I admire your courage in blogging. Your witness is valuable. I wish for your safety.

And yes, as an American I do notice the false front of innocence--thanks for pointing to it. This concerted campaign of hate bankrolled by westerners reeks. People like me ought to call it out--I'm not sure how to. But I also wish that that influence doesn't escape notice by Ugandans of good will.

spiralx said...

Meet him? Why? He's making his stance perfectly clear. Unless he has something more constructive to offer than the hate and lies so far on offer?

Better to put energy where it's needed, in media commentary.

gayuganda said...

Media commentary.

Well, not for lack of trying. We write, they are not published. Wonder why...!

Let us say that the media is not that un-influenced on anti-homosexual feeling in Uganda!

Anonymous said...

hi guys

it good that the reality has come out now i believe time has come for all of you suffering to come out and admit abetter life like oundo testifys he does not regret why not join him in the faith of our Lord jesus christ

believe me we have now come to understand that homosexuality is habit and can change

God bless

Anonymous said...

kale banange mutuveko tukoye emize egitagya mu bantu nebisoro tebibikola kati mu de mu buntu kubanga waliwo ekikyamu , banafe abasiyazi musobola okukyuka . victor byoyogera birabika te bikyalina mirandira oundo george eyali georgina a gikudeyo

kati nawe kyuka omanye nti olimukazi toliba musajja nakamu nakatono

fe banauganda tugamba nti kye kisera mumanye nti ekisiyaga tekisana nsiyafe ne nsiyona

victor nkulabamu okuba omukazi owekitibwa omufumbu owobuvunanyizibwa nga lina bba na makago


nze kusabira ofune omwami nabalala abali nga gwe

gayuganda said...


the last message seems to have the same tone of the first anonymous.

We homosexuals should be ashamed and become Christians. Following the example of George Oundo.

poor Christian friends, since I am not Oundo, and have not done what Oundo confesses to doing, I am not feeling any shame...!

And you indeed are 'poor' christians. Is your faith based on shame? What bad recruiters you are for christ! Is that how you do it? I thought you were supposed to believe...!

Anyway, it is not my faith. My apologies for commenting so.


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