Monday, March 2, 2009

Anything to stop the Gay Agenda

That seems to be the wish of some people. Anything that is anti-gay is simply ok.


Was thinking of the Langa seminar. He is gearing up the advertisement. And telling lies about me that I would like to point out are not true…!

But, he has big supporters. And big politics. And he has big money. So what if he says we homosexuals in Uganda are well organized, well funded, anti-family monsters who are out to destroy everything that is good and moral in Uganda. Of course I am very, very angry. One shouldn’t have the capacity to tell lies like that without me having the chance for a rebuttal.

But this is Uganda. He can tell the lies. I cannot rebut. I cannot even tell people that he is lying. Remember the case of the suspension of Gaetano, simply because Capital FM hosted us and Gae was positive in his interview of us? None of the pastors and others sermonizing homophobia were arrested. Not even the Mufti was reprimanded for suggesting a Nazi solution to Uganda's homosexuals.

And, there are the issues which will really hurt us. Langa is promising cures for homosexuals in his care. He has been doing this at his place on Gaba Road. And, he has brought in people who are going to dominate the news telling poor parents how bad being gay is, and that there is a cure. And, of course, if you don’t get cured, you are a big time committed homosexual who is so sinful that you don’t want to be cured. Forget Ted Haggard, Senator Craig and the other homosexuals who have lived their lives of ‘cure’.

You can be cured, in the name of … Maybe I shouldn’t name the name.

Ok, I am flustered, angry. But I can do better than this. Let me take it point by point.


Uganda is under extreme pressure to dicriminalise homosexuality’, Uhhh? A stupid un-truth. Who is putting Uganda under pressure to decriminalize homosexuality? Why should a citizen’s sexual orientation and act of love be criminal, subject to the state’s intervention, criminal law and censorship? Why is it so important to be threatened with life in prison for making love to my lover? Too many questions, ..!

Fact, it should be me who points out the pressure the government is undergoing. But I am more aware of the supreme lack of impact my flailings have. Oh, of course countries do question our human rights credentials when we flail our homosexuals and then look at ourselves and claim we are clean. Are we really clean? Pharisees.


And the perennial question, being asked by so many, why are the sexual lives of a few so important, above the misery of the many. Poverty, hunger, corruption, child sacrifice, political repression… We seem to have so many other problems. Am irked that my sexuality becomes such an issue.


Legalizing gay marriage. Stupid but true. Check out this timeline. The current President of the country once asserted that there are no homosexuals in Uganda. Long before the Iranian made the statement. In 2005, a constitutional amendment was made banning gay marriage in Uganda, the first country to have that kind of ban written into the constitution. And know what? Us gay Ugandans first came out in August 2007. We literally ‘did not exist’ before that time. When we came out, the anti-gays went amuck. Nsaba Buturo demanding our arrest, Ssempa demonstrating against us, holding church vigils etc. Yes, and outing those of us who came out in masks. Facts. They happened.

It took Nsaba Buturo being reassured that we could exist without being criminal, but by then he had demanded that we are thrown out of the country, the Mufti had demanded that we are marooned on an island, and the Tabliqs had formed the Anti-Gay Squad. And of course, there was the Inter-Faith Rainbow Coalition against homosexuality, spokesman Ssempa.

Someone from Kenya asked me on this blog why this thing was such a big deal in Uganda, as opposed to Kenya. My irritated answer was that it was not us homosexuals who were blowing it up. It is the phobes, the Ssempas, the Nsaba-Buturo’s, the Langa’s who see a chance for political capital to paint us demons. We are literally struggling to cope. And they are so happy that we come out and give them a reason to bash us.


Treatment. This issue of treatment. I think I had an article written by a doctor posted here about the view on treatment of homosexuals. Gosh, in this day and age, someone is going ahead to tout cures for homosexuality! Only happens in America, and is exported to Africa.

Fact is, homosexuality is not a disease. But I will be happy to see whether anyone comes up to confront these guys when they present there cures.

My poor country. People believe in miracle cures. Pastors are going around healing, administering electric shocks, showing miraculous healing on TVs. And claiming to cure HIV. It is hard not to understand that people will believe that homosexuality can be cured. Poor gay Ugandans.

About our organization, look at this, ‘He says that several homosexual groups are active in Uganda and are busy recruiting school boys and girls at an alarming rate using a variety of methods with support from within and outside the country, have well trained activists, who have a clear vision, an agenda and are determined to accomplish their objectives.;


Recruiting. Recruiting, recruiting. Frankly, I wish I could do the dastardly thing. So that I am not accused of something which am not doing. Langa, why the hell do you accuse us of ‘recruiting’. I know the answer. It is the old, threat to the children. Shame. You being a Christian and telling these old, old scare stories.


And, something I find really pathetic. And part of what set me off on this rant. The case that he mentions. “Langa says that Uganda is now under extreme pressure from the same group to de-criminalize homosexuality. This group recently scored a landmark victory in a court case against the state in December 2008.”

The case he cites is a pure civil rights issue. A Ugandan was hauled to police, house broken into, undressed to prove his sex. And he challenged the state. The issue was, you don’t do this to any Ugandan. Period. And, the excuse that you did it because the Ugandan is a homosexual is not good enough.

I remember. Ssempa and his Brown shirts used to picket the court. But he was not there the day the judgement was read.

Langa, showing his true colours, uses this case to illustrate his point. Anything is okay against homosexuals.

I kind of pity the Americans who are coming to preach. Imagine, in their country, being gay is not criminal. But they are coming to impress on poor Ugandans why some Ugandans should be imprisoned for life. Just because they are gay. If there was any justice, these guys should be asked some interesting questions.

A number of commentators have been telling me how they will attend this, praising Langa. Sincerely, I would pity your brains. Only problem is, it is my well being that you threaten. That is my beef with you. And, I will have to fight you, weary me. How sad it is. When I would just rather be left in peace, someone for his own reasons seeks to make money and political capital off my back!

Ok. No more whining. This is a fight that we have to fight. It is thrust on to us. We cannot decline. We simply must fight. Even if it is only to rebut the lies that are told to demonize us.




Skorrdal said...

Just so you know; I will ALWAYS support you, even it has no real meaning. I know what this battle is - I wish I had the means to support it with funds, but I hope that my moral support means something.

Never give up! That's how I got through with it. You have my support - always!

Leonard said...

¨Ok. No more whining. This is a fight that we have to fight. It is thrust on to us. We cannot decline. We simply must fight. Even if it is only to rebut the lies that are told to demonize us.¨

Ok yourself, I´ve featured the above comment (and a link to the rest) at my blog (hope it´s ok???)...I get simply thrilled when you say so clearly enough is enough and in such very plain, matter-of-fact speach too! I´m always too busy battering Bishop Orombi/Uganda and his suck-em-ups for spreading the IMPORTED HOMOSEXUALITY lie...besides, he´s a man that EXPORTS fear-hate mongering to the U.S. and attempts to organizes fellow bigots to persecute LGBT Christians and others at Church (are these men or thuggish little boys with fresh pubic hair sprouting?)...the man is a headstrong mess who must be exposed for what he is before he instigates the persecution, demeaning and outcasting of more LGBT Christians, Muslims and others.

Anonymous said...

Not every conservative in the US believes this conference is a good thing.

Mrs. Polly said...

Hello, GUG, I support you too, and I apologise for the homophobic nitwit American preachers who are trying to make life even more difficult for you.

I Emailed you last month, because I was doing a post on Ssempa for my blog. You might want to look at it, if you haven't already: I did some pictures of Ssempa, including my conception of his battle with the condom-wearing effigy from Makarere U:

The U.S. has largely moved on from the Rick Warren/Ssempa controversy for now, but I thought about the beginning of each month I'd do another post on whatever those jokers were up to and how the lgbts of Uganda are doing. We Yanks have famously short memories. But keeping to a schedule, we can do.

gayuganda said...

Thanks all for your words of support.

It is amazing what a generally unsavourable reputation these speakers have. And here they are going to be lionised.

I hope we can do something about it.

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

I shall link to your blog, if I may?

All the best!

gayuganda said...

You are welcome Goran


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