Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Is it true? Homosexual Recruitment

It is hilarious, isn’t it?

I don’t know whether it was a slow news day at the New Vision or not. But I am being forced to respond, mainly because of the comments on the last post.
Homosexual recruitment. It seems such a huge, recruitment issue (for the anti-gay movement). Why?

Think of children being in danger of these homosexual monsters. Think of young minds corrupted. Think of this menace, unfolding, un-checked.

And think of a populace without the basic knowledge and understanding of human sexuality. A populace very ready to believe in myths, especially about big, bad homosexuals.

Think of a newspaper wanting to sell badly. Put the words ‘Homosexual admits’ on the headlines, and you have the hysteria, the belief, the stirring up of homophobia.

Langa has won? Oh, I know he will think so.

But curiously, with all this flowing out and the mood definitely ready to lynch the homosexual, I will say that Langa is losing. Because he is a wolf hiding in a flock of ignorant sheep.

This big, bad, reprobate, an unrepentant homosexual to boot, is going to use truth, and logic, to punch holes in the article. (And how best to shame Christians when they hate by showing that they in truth hate and tell lies?)

Homosexuals recruiting? Wow, how horrible! How shameful! How horrible! How completely, absolutely unbearable!

Take a deep breath, heterosexual, straight you. In. Out. Take another one. And answer this question.

Were you recruited into being a Heterosexual?

The answer seems to be very obvious.
That is, if you think that both homosexuals and heterosexuals are human beings with similar drives. So, where you recruited into being a heterosexual?

I am a homosexual. So, since I cannot speak for heterosexuals, I will not bother to say that I think I know the answer. Were you ‘made’ a heterosexual?

As I said, I am a homosexual. A Ugandan, living, working, in the country. I grew up here, studied in our schools, and I work here. Hell, I am a Ugandan, through and through.

So, was I recruited into being a homosexual?

The simple, and passionate answer to that is DO NOT INSULT MY INTELLIGENCE.
I may not be as clever as I would like to be, but I know enough of myself to know that I was never recruited. I am a homosexual.
Err, someone by my side is also incensed. My lover says he knew he was a homosexual when he was very young. But his first contact with a man in any sexual way was when he was into his mid twenties.
Recruitment? It seems the logic of the anti-gay people is that only homosexuals are recruited. Others have free will in their sexual orientation.

What about George Oundo?
I know the guy. Georgina, we used to call her. Sorry, him now. He is ex-gay, or at least he claims to be. Big, buff, and very jolly. I thought he was confident in his sexuality. And yeah, he was one of the wild ones. Of us big, bad homosexuals. Now he is a saint.

Was Georgina ‘recruited’ into homosexuality? Don’t insult my intelligence. (Sorry for the strong words. I know you do want to know.) I don’t believe he was recruited.

Is Georgina no longer homosexual? Last year, he had some problems, and the gay community started shunning him. Check out past issues of the Red Pepper. He did get another front page article. Ssempa approached him, and apparently he is now convinced he is anti-gay.

Conversion therapy has been around for years. The anti-gay conference was not the first time it was advocated. What Ssempa fails to tell people who go there is that it will hurt them. Confuse them. And in the long run, they are not healed. It is a big, fat, lie, propagated by ex-gay therapists like Langa, and Ssempa, and Scott Lively. Go into it, you are in for the worst kind of self deception that you will ever have.
Ask the World Health Organisation why they don’t sign onto it.

Anyway, that was an aside. Georgina was Georgina until about 6 months ago. Or less. Now he is healed. Or so he says.
Frankly, I don’t believe him. But that is his business.

And the recruitment he swears to? I would advise Ssempa and Langa to embrace this gingerly! Just a case of buyer beware.
I am a ‘bigger’ homosexual than George Oundo. I will swear to having never been ‘recruited’. Hell, the struggle that I had was trying to erase these feelings, when they were completely unsought!

I don’t recruit. Well, I have a live-in-lover, for the past eight years. Yes, I stray, sometimes. Recruiting? No! and don’t insult my intelligence.

And the big moneys that George Oundo speaks of? Well, maybe it is because I have never been a ‘recruiter’ that I don’t seen them. All this money from ‘Homosexual International’. Why am I missing out on it? Will someone give me some of this money? Please? I mean, I am stealing this time off work, and I will have to pay for it. I just don’t like people telling lies about me unchallenged.

Conferences to train recruiters?
I like WildeY’s response below. Oh well, Nairobi, Kenya seems to be a great and good place for training homosexuals. WildeY, do you need to train me more? I mean, I think there are somethings that I have been missing out here!!!!!!
Brother, any more comments on this? That East African Institute for Recruiting Homosexuals! You make lots of money, don’t you, you Kenyans! Well, your entrepreneur spirit is to be lauded.
Ok, it is a bit more laughable than I would like. Why the hell do logical thinking people believe this shit?

I believe George was at a pretty international conference in Nairobi, Kenya. It was called something like the Peoples Forum? The World People's Forum. And he gave a speech, about being gay in Uganda! I think that is where he intimates he was given a 'post graduate course' in recruitment.
Dont know. I was not there. But, there were many Kenyans there, and it did make waves, huh! That was in Nairobi.
Wouldnt it be funny for George Oundo to be err, questioned about this training? Preferably under Veritaserum...!

Sorry Human Rights Watch, for spreading the gay agenda. You have been pinned, haven’t you?!!!!! Apparently, you sprung a homosexual recruiter from jail. Government should note. The guy is still free!

Victor Mukasa. Your case has been used by anti-gay people. Funny that it is so clear cut, but they don’t seem to get the point. I have referenced the case here for a long, long while. Bottom line, a Ugandan’s privacy was invaded because the Local Council Chairman suspected them of being ‘Lesbian’. Stripped to prove their gender!
Victor went to court. Victor won the case. The Lady Justice was very clear, a wrong was done by the government. And there was no justification to invade a persons privacy because one was suspected of being ‘gay or lesbian’. Oh, I know, Ssempa and church members picketed the court. They were not there for the ruling. They have not read the ruling. Poor them. If you want a copy of it, I will send it to you. Just ask me!

As for SMUG?
You the umbrella organization of recruiters? I don’t think SMUG is that stupid. But, I am not surprised if people believe this shit.

the rest of the things cited in the article are what has been rumoured, and written as truth, as we are smeared.

Friends, I am gay.

I may be of a ‘reprobate’ mind, according to the beloved, caring, loving Pastor Martin Ssempa, but I do have a little intelligence.
Hit me, but hit me with the truth. I am very willing to face you with the truth, as I see it. If it is wrong, then correct me.

But when you come out with lies, however wrapped, I will hit back. Err, with truth. That is fair is isn’t?

And if you are still wondering about the myth of ‘recruitment’ I will ask again.

Were you recruited into being a Heterosexual?



Anonymous said...

I'm not even shocked by the statements from Oundo, more shocked by the number of people who believe them!

Totally amazed. Thats me.

Anonymous said...

Wake up and stop kidding your self dude!!like all sexual aversions..someone starts the cycle hence the term recruitment. Just like peadophilia, some one does it to you, you do it to others..it's very believable this recruitment story. i used to think i actually understood gay people and was very passive about it. "as long as they did their stuff with fellow willing adults." but i would imagine to recruit someone into homosexuality would include sexual acts with that person...this person being a minor!!!That is child abuse! having been a victim of such abuse am enraged. My thinking has now changed, i've grouped homosexuals in the same category as paedophiles as rapists.......all monsters!

Anonymous said...

Gay people, always the ones victised always the one they are telling lies about always the one we should sympathise with. GUG you might not be a recruiter doesnt mean George wasnt. I mean surely you cant know eveyrthing about the man just like we dont know who you are so we dont know what u do. Why are you so offended. I bet even terrorists get offended when some kid comes up and said they recruited him. Truth Hurts RIGHT? You cant believe there can be a bad homos all of them are innocent decent people who wouldnt harm a fly. Come on GUG Wilder come on just like there are born terrorists and those who are recruited there are born homos and those who are initiated, taught wowed. Some in fact join with the promise of greener pastures, a visa to those of outside countries. Trust me in especially single schools kids are recruited. If I were you I would go to SMUG talk to friends and collegues to help fight this bad image not burry your head in the sand. Stand and speak like a man not one who is seeking sympathy. Ooooh they are victimising us ooooh they are lying about us, or those people

the antipop said...

Gug, You are being totally clouded by your leanings.
Gug, did u actually investigate these allegations and find them to be false? You see what might trigger the recruitment drive is simply this; The more the merrier. The more gays out their, the easier it will be for people to get used to the idea of homosexuality and get to tolerate it. That might be a desperate attempt to get your cause out there but if it works then why not? And Pro-gay groups know this only too well. Whether or not they have actually used such a means to get their cause out there is what you should be investigating. But for you to dismiss it simply because you think it is about who is winning what is simply absurd and not right at all Gug.

As a responsible homosexual, you should now go out there and try to not only find the truth but urge the rest of the homosexuals to desist from this sort of thing.

You asked whether we were recruited into heterosexuality. Yes. when somebody touched me inappropriately. when somebody raped me. when somebody showed me a pornographic film, they were telling me, that that is the way it is done. Although really i think it is rather far fetched to try and compare these two sexualities if i may be allowed to call it that.

My plea is that you try and get the facts and then you will have an argument, but otherwise, that right there is baseless. I remember one time i wrote a post about how homosexuals are human and if none of them has ever stolen from me, raped me, killed me or my relatives, i am happy loving them. Read it here;http://trampcard.blogspot.com/2007/11/not-ready-to-make-nice.html

Now, if a Homosexual is going out in schools and preying on the innocent and vulnerable of society, luring them with the promise of money and aid in tuition or whatever else they were needing, then that is plain wrong. If a pedophile offered your daughter a sweet, simply because You have never bought her a sweet, and then later had his way with her, would that make it alright?

so i say if there are any such homosexuals, preying on the innocents their rightful place is jail. Including Oundo. In my eyes, that one is no better than a rapist/ defiler, etal. Just because they are the minority does not mean they can get away with such things.

And if Langa has won the war against the likes of Oundo/Georgina, then Halleluya.

But this is not about who won what GuG. This is simple. the difference between right and wrong!

Anonymous said...

Ha, Ha, Ha. If Georgina has successfully converted I am the Queen of Siam. I laughed out loud when I read that. Oundo never struck me as being able to put together two sentences in English so it would be interesting to find out what language he used in the schools he did his recruitment in. But you are right: Oundo is just a side issue.

As for whether conversion actually works, I have already expressed my misgivings based on the evidence before my eyes. But those who wish to convert should of course go ahead - and they surely don't need media cameras to follow them down the conversion route.

The concern is what to do about those who have no wish to convert. And neither Sempa, Langa or Oundo seem to have anything coherent to say about or to them. But Justice Arach pronounced herself on them in very clear terms: their human rights deserve to be respected. Amen!!

gayuganda said...

Yeah, WildeY

In truth what is amazing is the people who believe.

So, Eclipse, you were 'recruited' into heterosexuality? Can you give me a bit more of your testimony? Sounds interesting.

Ok, another question. I always see all these things about 'defilement' in the press. Must be at least one story in the New vision even now. Question, would it be okay to say all heterosexuals are defilers, because you have heard about someone who defiled? A man defiled a girl, that is.

That seems to be your logic, isnt it? Homosexual equals Paedophile, so by extension Heterosexual equals Defiler. All monsters!


are gay people terrorist? This thing about a logical extension can be quite dangerous. If you are on a computer and have been able to write a full paragraph on that, I assume you can pick up a bit of info on that. I mean, on the fact that gay people are not necessarily terrorists.
Say Anon,were your recruited into being a heterosexual?

SMUG people are actually quite level headed about this. Dont realy need to talk to them about it.


I thought you were going to give me something. I do respect your intelligence. But hell, not when you are spitting drivel.

Problem is you think us gay people some superhuman evil beings. We dont recruit. Period. That is a Conspiracy theory that you should be able to debunk. I am dispointed that you of all people are giving it wings.

We dont make people gay. We were born gay. We cannot be made straight.
You are straight, you were born straight. No manner of 'recruitment' is going to make you gay. Just take a deep breath and use your intelligence. How can you ever even say that you were recruited by looking at a pornographic film. Sincerely!!!!!!

I tend to believe that your sexuality was something you were born with. But maybe you are not human, or animal, and are some asexual angel from heaven...!


Please people, I am crediting you with a bit of intelligence. Dont betray me!

Anonymous said...

I hope you do realise that your blog is one form of a recruitement tool. You write here all the time justifying yourself and to anyone in doubt about their sexuality that its ok to F**k someone of the same sex.The point you are driving at all the bloody time is, its Okaaaayyyy,Its Okaaayyy,Its okaaaayyyyyee. Just do it. If that isnt recruitment, I dont know what it is. Personally I dont care what you do with your life,who you choose to f**k or who you choose to f**k you, but quit burying your head in the sand and respect Georginas decision.

gayuganda said...


thanks. Of course I choose to fuck who I choose to fuck. And I am thankful you are okay with that.

My blog is a recruitment tool?



You must have a different definition for recruitment. So, when I write that I am gay and it is fine to be gay, then I am recruiting?
Basically, I am telling straight people to stop fearing me. And I am telling homosexual people to stop fearing themselves. To stop condemning themselves.

Well, it is fine to be gay. It is great to know I am. And it is great to know that being gay is just different from being straight. and I do have problems with anyone who goes ahead and says I am evil because I am gay.

So, when I speak the truth, I am recruiting?

That is a great definition!

And by the way, I am respectfull of George's decision. But, I dont want him to tell lies about mine and other people 'recruiting'. It is too easy to tell lies about this.

Maybe you should get to him and ask him how much money he has earned from his recruitment!

Anonymous said...

Gug come on, surely you can do better than this. No body called you terrorists dont cry, read and understand, dont be offended. Should we say terrorists are being victimised by saying they recruit children?

That we are calling them evil for nothing? So no homo can rape anyone? GUG come on fight like a man dont cry for sympathy, reason like a man, like Antipop said you can do better than this. Because you are lucky to have a lover dont mean others are. They have sexual urges, homos are supposed to have right? so they go out and get it the same ways shameless hetoros do. In fact in South African this homo dude asked to walk with a fresher, then on a dark ally he raped the poor boy. Poor homo should we say Huh? Its all lies and a homo can never? Thats what we should say. Poor homo. Heteros defile girls/boys they are charged if found guilty thrown into jail. They are charged for defilement and these girls go one to cry that they are in love. Many boys in boys schools cry of how bigger boys started rapping them, booked them for toyboys, gave them gifts offered them protection and fame at school in return for something. Its called brain washing. Sure you know that one its been used by false religions, terrorists, defilers, paedophiles name it. No one is victimising you, we are just saying it dont make it right what your doing because you are gay and are being hunted. And Afrogay, I didnt know Ugandan school kids now communicate in French and Spanish alone.
If you have been to a ugandan school you must know most students in schools understand luganda mostly and a host of other languages. Doesnt take a genius to know this. And whats funny about this recruiter Oundo not knowing good english. SO what is he an english man?
You people just dont want to hear it when someone says they were wrong to think they are gay and have now discovered their true self and are back to being straight. Just like straight people make it an issue when someone becomes gay, you should be able to understand when someone says "I was taking the wrong path I am straight after all."

Leonard said...


read here:

THE REV. ERIC KASIRYE, Anglican Church of Uganda, knows how to to raise funds from LGBT ¨Westerners¨ and from ANTI-LGBT ¨Westerners.¨

Fr. Eric, former ¨Secretary¨ of Youth and Students and later a recruiter, of disgruntled American Parishes, for The Anglican Church of Uganda:

Pronvincial youth and Student's Secretary
Rev. Eric Kasirye
P.O.Box 14123, Kampala.

Eric, aledged Heterosexual extraordinare, is the guy that sent word to the LGBT Anglican
Listserve that he had been arrested for his MINISTRY that served LGBT People in Uganda and needed MONEY to get
out of a "filthy/inhumane/blah/blah" jail where he was held a uncharged captive for a week...he and his
wife and ¨Lt.Josephine¨ (she contacted me directly too
with more conjob and direct money transfer requests for URGENT HELP for Erich and family to be sent to her) his accomplices said Fr. Erich had been
"arrested" because of helping LGBT people at the LGBT
Anglican Center in Uganda.

Fr. Hopkins, Episcopal priest can provide a complete
online history of the LGBT Christian Community Center (with pictures of everyone) as he sent
out a report of his visit to Uganda with pictures of the former LGBT
Community Center there.

Interestingly, the whole Erich arrest "story"
was revealed as a online fraud to us by reliable American and Canadian ¨clergy¨
however there was NO EFFORT on anyones part to
retrieve and return the donated funds.

Then later (from my personal notes and ¨commenting¨ to warn others):

Date: Thu May 26, 2005 11:20 am
Subject: Fr. Erich Kasirye strikes again!


Remember Rev. Erich Kasirye/Uganda who underhandedly
"solicited" $$$ at this/our LGBT list a year and a
half ago (and unfortunately received contributions
from LGBT members with his compelling stories and

Fr. Erich has NOW moved up to bigger and
better ministry "opportunities" and is NOW *offering*
"ecclesiastical protection" to U.S. Parishes from the
Diocese of Namirembe and Bishop Samuel
Ssekkadde...meanwhile, the ever-pious/
sometimes-present and always unpleasant Archbishop
Orombi is sturring up some potential "business" by
reminding us in the ECUSA about the "poisonous efforts
of the revisionist forces!"


At David Vitues Viewpoint (Virtue Online) today:

COVER. I got a note this week from the Rev. Erich
Kasirye, Diocesan Mission Coordinator for Bishop
Samuel Ssekkadde, in the Diocese of Namirembe. This
was the first Diocese in East and Central Africa which
now has over 5 million membership.

Kasirye wrote saying: "This is to inform you that my
Diocese would like to adopt a parish in the States
which is orthodox and lacks ecclesiastical protection.
Kindly let us know those churches which might need
some pastoral and personal support. We are very much
aware of the poisonous efforts of the revisionist
forces which face orthodox churches in ECUSA-and we do
not want them to be vulnerable. The Diocese of
Namirembe recently celebrated its 150 years. Of course
the question that springs to mind is why not ask why
an orthodox US bishop to do this?

IN THE U.S. THIS WEEK was Ugandan Archbishop Henry
Luke Orombi. He came to my parish, the Church of the
Good Samaritan in Paoli, PA in the DIOCESE OF
PENNSYLVANIA briefly but did not preach or administer
Holy Communion. I talked with him briefly. He has no
intention of refusing any ECUSA parish that wants
protection from the church's marauding revisionist
bishops. Why should he stop, after all they come to
him he does not seek them out. It is their call not


gayuganda said...


thanks for your contribution.

Nobody called me terrorist? I didnt say that, did I? But someone compared me to a terrorist, in recruitment, not so?

No. I will try not to be offended. Even when I am compared to a terrorist, to a rapist, to a... what are the other things?

You see, I am not going to point out that heterosexuals also do these things. And that I will not blame Chanel for what a deranged heterosexual rapist does.... No. I will defend Chanel. Surely Chanel is not a rapist! Why should I compare Chanel to a rapist??? No. As far as I know, Chanel is not a rapist. Even if Chanel is a heterosexual, like the rapist.

No. I dont want fake sympathy. That is why I am pushing back against anti-pop. She does not mind us. And did write a blog post about how good we can be. But she still thinks in her mind that we are rapists. No?

Or am I taking this too non seriously?

And, you know the funny thing? You are blaming AfroGay, and I for something we have not done. I clearly stated that Oundo's definition of himself is up to him. Period. I have a problem about him saying we homosexuals recruit, because that is a falsehood, and I dare George Oundo to say that such and such a person gave him so much money to go out and recruit in such and such a school. That is so bleeding non funny.

I doubt that George Oundo is no longer gay. That is a personal opinion. AfroGay also stated that as a personal opinion.
Yet we are both backed by the fact that ex-gay (conversion) therapy doesnt work.

Am I whining and whinging?

No. I am not. And I will not.

I will just correct your wrong impressions. And tell you, stop attributing things to me which i am not.


Anonymous said...

I was not recruited into being a homosexual. And I dont understand the concept..

What the hell are these people talking about? Lol

what benefit would someone recieve from "recruiting" else to be a homosexual.

The whole thing is ridiculous. And to reply to Eclipse's comment.. A blunt and sweet "F*Ck you" is at hand. I am not a pedophile and I am not a rapist. But for some reason in this country (America) Rapists are allowed to get married and get equal rights, as are pedophiles, but Gay people? Heaven Forbid.

Mature? No.. but it gets the point across.

Anonymous said...

Lev, are rapist and peadophiles coming out of the closet in your country?! And if they are, are they getting equal treatment as the rest of the people...wake up and stop defending crimes against nature.
GUG, i was born a heterosexual just like i was born black like how michael jackson was born black but is he still black now? Social Factors people that's how we become who we are, thiefs, serial killers all these people are not born like that.If we start sympathising with such people then everyone can start claiming: "oooh please,just understand me i was born a rapist/peadophile/terrorist/cannibalist etc and i need my rights just like all of you normal people!!"

Anonymous said...

Well in a way they are.

when a sex offender moves into a new neighborhood. They have to send out a notice to the community letting them know that they are a sex offender.

But their rights are not messed with, their freedoms are not touched.

Being gay is not a crime, it is not a sex offense, how can you even compare it to pedofilia and rape thats simply ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Lev, am sorry i compared being gay to being a peadophile. let me use another example...cannibalism. just because someone prefers to eat people and he can find someone willing to let him/her eat him doesn't mean it makes it right.it's still against nature..so if you prefer to sleep with the same sex as you..against nature.that's why you and your partner can't have kids like everyone else..against nature.
And am sure in your country it's illegal for these paedophiles to get married to their little young lovers..isn't that the right gay people want to have.

Gay Nairobi Man said...


GUG's blog a recruitment tool..puhliize! Do you get recruited into something when you read about it?

I am a Kenyan homosexual and I was not recruited..am not sure I was born this way or became this way..but I know I am this way... I am almost 40 years old and have never met a gay recruiter and as far as Nairobi goes, I know many many like me.

Aaaaaaannnddd..where is this money for recruitment coming from? How come a Ugandan has access to this money and I don't? What a load of crap!

Don't we all know that organized religion is what works with a recruitment/conversion agenda.. so this homosexual got converted..but do they need to lie about it? I guess it is like the miracles we all hear about that have never been proven.

Sorry GUG for my anger.let me go froth at my place!

Anonymous said...

Ok so then in that case should we not allow people who are infertile to get married? SInce they cannot produce children either?

Everyone thinks it is so cute and charming when 80 year old couples get married when lord knows they will never be able to produce children.

There is more to life, love, and marriage than children.

Anonymous said...

You guys dont seem to understand the effects of homosexuality practice.What of the spread of AIDS and cancer among prominent activists like the Late Brenda Fassie of South Africa?What of the silent suffering gays who ahve had to endure medical problems.I think God's ideal is best.Marriage was meant for a man and a woman.If George is telling lies time will tell but what I can say is that the people who have come out and sought counselling and help from same sex relationships have a different story to tell.A testimony its called.Ask Pastor Don Mcckurkin in the Us and countless others.People of George's calibre wouldnt be speaking out if they had not got fed up of homosexuality.The Uganda martyrs wouldnt have defied their beloved king if they had not been fed up with the practice.Lets be real.We all want something that has benefits.If something doesnot have benefits,why would I beleive in it,let alone practice it?If God was happy with the practice,would he have destroyed sodom and Gommorah?I beleive CRE is taught in schools and most of you are familiar with the story.My recommendation to you is get out of homosexuality and enjoy the life God planeed for us by having sex in marriage with a loving husband/wife,the way God defined it.thanks

gayuganda said...

Dear anon,

thanks for your concern.

actually, we do understand the effects of homosexual practice. Let me see, I have been doing that practice for so long that, well, it is no longer practice.

And I must admit it is a pleasure. [blush]

So, I do like your concern for me. But it is actually misplaced. It is like a mom who believes her kid will be eaten by the demons in a dream....

Thanks for your concern, nevertheless. But I assure you, I do not have any reason to fear on the basis of the reasons you have stated


Unknown said...

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