Friday, April 3, 2009

An Afternoon

Been blogging sad things. But, even the deep, heavy rainclouds sometimes lift, even if it is momentarily...

I would like to share a poem about this lovely land of mine.


sprinkling of

hot, golden bright sunshine on

the deep, emerald jewel

green of leaves;


It covers all,

does the sun-

even the buildings

rust red and browns;

the crumbling slum

rooftops that like

mud of an overflowing

river touch valley bottoms.


The roads,

deeply holed asphalt

arteries peopled by an

abundance of men and

women, children, an overflow

like real blood cells do,


In the richer

suburbs trees tall and green

leaf the air-

mature compounds mimic

the solid, long gone green

cover of natural rainforest

and huge houses peep

jewels of colour in

green cloth of nature.


Kampala the

beautiful, indeed.




(c) gayuganda 02 April 09

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