Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Letter from America…

No, sorry. Letter of an American living in Uganda

Uganda must not budge!

Tuesday, 7th April, 2009      

As a pastor of a Bible-believing Baptist Church in Masaka, I want to applaud Mr. Steven Langa of FLN for his outrage at the UNICEF book being distributed which promotes homosexuality as a lifestyle that is “acceptable and okay to live with”. He has a right to be outraged and so does every God-fearing family in this country. I have seen homosexuality literally bring my country (USA) to spiritual ruin and shame to the point that now their ‘marriage’ is an acceptable practice. Let not America think that she is so great that she is not above the judgment of God. God help my country to come to her senses and get back to the principles on which it was founded, the biblical definition of marriage—Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. Sodomy is an abomination in the sight of God and was punished by death in the Word of God, it is not an acceptable lifestyle. I have lived in Uganda for 13 years and one testimony that I have given to my friends in the US, over and over, is the strong stand that Uganda takes against sodomy. Uganda must not budge an inch. All these UNICEF booklets should be recalled and burned. If we do not stand for something, we will fall for anything!


Keith L. Stensaas

Masaka Independent Baptist Church


gayuganda said...

Reading through this letter again, I see so much hate and ignorance of what I am that it is impossible to mistake.

A pastor, preaching love. Hate, virulent. Anger, blind, unforgiving, dialogue blind, commited to hate people that he might never have the chance to know.

Where does one begin to dialogue with such set ideas? I know I am a human being- but another has this scripture endosed, and therefore holy hate of what I am, it is impossible to dialogue with him at all. His world is an unforgiving black and white.

I am truly in awe of, and genuinely pity a person like this. The old Jesus saying, they have eyes, but they dont see.

Truly pitiful.

Anonymous said...

What an ansolute tragedy that Mt Stensass does not realise that one of the things that may have indeed brought his country to spiritual ruin and shame was the recent illegal invasion of another country on dubious pretexts that caused the needless deaths of thousands of innocent civilians and indeed many of his own countrymen! A mess which, along with others the current incumbent has now inherited and is trying to sort out! Thank goodness there are so many good and sane Americans - as there are Ugandans and indeed people from everywhere else.

As a Christian myself, but also Gay, I am tired and sick to death of people constantly twisting the Bible and quoting scripture narrowly and often out of context. If we were to take certain parts of the Old Testament literally we would still be sacrificing animals at the sltar etc etc etc. Gug I do understand your anger and pain - and I share it - but do please realise that they dont speak for everyone and not all who have faith share their narrow, hate filled blind ignorance and predjudice.

Bolton said...

Ah, Gug,

I think that Uganda must really be on a separate planet -- totally detached from the rest of our civilized world. Or maybe just totally blind to everywhere else. It sounds like North Korea!

As you've heard, in the US, the states of Iowa and Vermont have just decided to go to hell with those despicable faggots! It is certainly a wide movement, and although I may not live to see universal acceptance I can at least know that it has a good start. New Jersey and New York are next -- and maybe California.

Stay with it, my friend. You may hear few friendly voices in Uganda, but we're everywhere -- and in spite of all the hatred and persecution, we are winning world-wide!

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