Friday, April 10, 2009

Two Arrested

I was out, with my man, Thursday evening. Nearly missed the news of the day, but happened to glance up at a public TV.

Dreaded headlines. Apparently, two guys in Mbale were arrested for being gay.

For some reason, I couldn’t concentrate on the news. Asked my lover later, he confirmed it.

We went past KPC. A celebration of the Easter holiday ongoing. A huge mass of kids overflowing from the auditorium, dancing, happy, a cheerful mood. Elsewhere the streets of Kampala were not too full, despite the fact that Friday is a public holiday.

We went to our favourite bar. Not as well attended as usual in the middle of the week. But guys and girls were there. And there was beautiful music. Local, and African. And I was with my lover.

I love the guy. Simply cant keep my hands off him when we are together. A graze of the hand, face, nape, now and then. I stare, till he asks me, what..! Conforting, now and again, to reach out, touch him.

It is a small thing, yet a big thing.

What happened in Mbale? I got this cautionary e-mail from one of our friends.


Two men Brian Padde and Fred Wasukira suspected to be gay have been arrested and held at Mbale Police station on allegations of public immorality and homosexuality.

The two were witnessed kissing and cuddling in a bar at Namakweki in Mbale. From the bar they moved to their house where they were followed by residents, who alerted area local councils and Police.  They were caught kissing and cuddling at their house. Police and area local councils picked them up and took them to Mbale Police station.

On phone with the district police officer, he said this is not a big case because they were not caught in the act having sex. However, the fear remains the area residents, are so hostile at this moment and if these people are realized they may be attacked by the mob.

Caution, watch your back this Easter season. Celebrate wisely.


I could not help wondering, what did Brian and Paddy do wrong? I could see me and my lover in them. Our love overflowing, noticeable enough for some good patriotic friends to follow us home, to break into our house, hoping they will find us making love. This is what Stephen Langa has been advocating on fm radios. Arrests. Convictions. Because our love is corrupt, and an afront to the community.

They found them ‘cuddling and kissing’, in their own house. And they will spend the Easter holiday in a cell, because of that. Detained-, the police in the Victor case used the same argument. That they were detained to save them from the mob. But then, why did the police allow TV cameras, and the guys to be filmed? Didn’t they make it more likely that when the guys are released, they will be unsafe? National TV?

Will it be like that for me and my partner, one of these days? Followed home, because someone notices we were too close? The door broken down in the hope that we are caught making love?



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Mackenzie said...

Leave them free. what God has created we can not fight against it.
They should not be intimiteted!

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