Thursday, April 9, 2009

Not yet over

News from the Catholic Church in Uganda


Catholic Church probes gay priests

By Conan Businge


THE Catholic Church in Uganda is investigating allegations that some of its priests are involved in homosexuality.


“There have been allegations that some of our spiritual leaders are involved in acts of homosexuality. This is regrettable, but we are investigating and if it is true they will have to be punished at all costs,” warned the Archbishop, Dr. Cyprian Kizito Lwanga.


He added: “The word of God is clear. Homosexuality is a sin. It cannot be allowed to thrive in our society. A man should never have sex with a fellow man!”


“We are trying to establish the truth about allegations of homosexuality in the church. It has to be stopped quickly, if it is true,” Lwanga said.

Quoting the Bible, he said God created a woman for Adam, to be his helper.


“Sex was not created for amusement, but for multiplication.”

Referring to Romans 1:26-27, he said, God will rush his anger on all those that have turned against him and are having sex with people of the same sex.


Anonymous said...

Oooh thank you God. We are many against homosexuality. Now to you my gay brothers and sisters, you heard it the scriptures are very clear on this perverse and vile act. Run for your lives, confess and God will forgive you and cleanse you.
Hannah from Jinja.

spiralx said...

The scriptures are not at all clear on homosexuality - you can read into them what you like. End of.

I notice, too, that here's male priest getting hot & bothered about MLM (Men who Like Men) - as usual, the girls are left out in the cold...

This isn't about sex. It's about male pride. And male insecurity. Also as usual.

Leonard said...

The ¨word of God¨ he is mentioning is the ¨word of Benny¨...sad, that 40%+ clergy are underappreciated for being the celibate LGB Christians that God, and the RC Church, wanted them to be.

Huff and puff, lies and betrayl...the timing couldn´t be better...the cruicifiction is scheduled for tomorrow...innocents all...and crowd/gang of thugs, and the Pope, ¨know not what they do.¨

gayuganda said...

Hannah from Jinja almost deserves no answer.

Of course you are many. But what of the order to love demands that you may only love when you are many?

Run from my life? from my lovers possesive love to your very bitter god?

Anonymous said...

The Christians in Uganda are making homosexuality a status crime and persecuting gays as the Nazis once persecuted the Jews.

The Ugandan Christians who promote this deserve to be slain like the animals they are.

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