Monday, April 13, 2009

Victim, Stigmatized

A story that broke in Monitor Sunday.

A child, sexually abused. A boy abused by a man. The mother seeks justice- and the child is thrown out of school.

The stigma of the offence is noted. But the child is more or less identified, with a photo, name of the village, and the school where the child comes from. The mother is identified.

The medics are worried about him turning out to be a homosexual. (Has he been recruited?) So, he needs ‘intense counselling’ ‘to minimise the trauma and restrain him from inadvertently embracing homosexuality’.

Poor little boy. He is a victim, and his world has turned on him and will persecute him. Why? Because the crime is what our world deems ‘homosexuality’.

Here is the sad story.


11-year-old sodomised, expelled from school



An 11-year-old boy allegedly sodomised by a Local Council official in Entebbe has been expelled from school in a move administrators say is aimed at “protecting” the reputation of Kennedy Primary school.

The sexual attack, now a subject of discussion at homes in Lunyo village, has somewhat eluded the attention of key government officials – 32 days on - as the victim’s mother (names withheld), struggles to secure conviction of the suspect.


PS. Don’t miss the fact that we, as in gay activists, are somehow being blamed for the whole saga. That is my country.





AfroGay said...

If you don't mind clarifying GauG, why are gay activists to blame for this sad story?

gayuganda said...

Weird, isnt it?

Seems we are part of the 'homosexual problem' of the country...

Although homosexuality is illegal in Uganda, the sexual vice appears to be spreading fast mainly in urban centres, rattling government and conservative citizens.

Gay activists in the country, under the Sexual Minorities Uganda coalition of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, transgender and Intersex (LGBTI), are marketing themselves as human rights campaigners and have become courageous enough to organise press conferences.

The last one sentence paragraph just makes me angry. About the guys arrested in Mbale

Tamaku said...

The propaganda continues. Similar arguments have been used by the anti-gay movement in Kenya where sexual crimes against children is a massive problem. What they don't seem to want to hear is that these crimes are being overwhelmingly committed by 'straight' Kenyans! You'd be excused for concluding homosexuality is the root of all our society's ills while the victims are denied justice. It's sickening.

Anonymous said...


The last time I checked, in the USA while gays accounted for under 5% of the population, they accounted for 30% of cases of child sexual abuse.

gayuganda said...

Ha anon,

Mysterious things that you blame on us. Responsible for what? Where the hell did you get that stat? Can it be correct?

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