Thursday, April 16, 2009

Another Christian group vows to fight homosexuality in Uganda

First published: 20090414 9:48:46 AM EST


Christian Peace Youth Ministries International (CPYM), a Uganda based youth pressure group has joined other organizations and pressure groups against homosexuality.

According to the Director of CPYM, Ev. A.K Johnson Aggrey, the group is planning numerous workshops in schools to counter the vice that is said to be eating away the morals of children in schools.

This comes at the time when the pro and anti-gay activists are raising against each other in both the local and international media.

The pro-gay activists recently attacked the anti-gay workshop organizers headed by Stephen Langa, the Executive Director of Family Life Network.

In recent years, gay activists have attempted to force change and strive for a more tolerant society. As the activists have become more vocal, the opposition has intensified.

In August 2007, the activist group Sexual Minorities of Uganda launched a campaign entitled Let us Live in Peace.

Anti-gay groups responded a week later by holding a rally in a sports stadium. Three months later in November 2007, gay activists and bishops engaged in a heated impromptu debate before an international audience at a Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Kampala.

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