Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Press Release- It kind of was overwhelmed...

Press Release


For immediate Press release: Tuesday 31 March 2009




To: Fellow Citizens of Uganda


Over the past few week, very serious allegations of child sexual abuse and ‘recruitment’ have been leveled against Homosexual Citizens of Uganda by various people and institutions.


We have been accused of accepting huge amounts of money for our ‘recruitment’ drives,

 by the Family Life Network (FLN).


 We affirm that we are homosexual. That means that we are different in sexual orientation from most of our fellow Ugandans. That does not mean that we are criminals.


We, like all other Ugandans, are responsible and law abiding citizens. Homosexual Ugandans do not condone or support recruitment of people into homosexuality at any level . We strongly and fiercely condemn it.


We know that our sexual orientation is not changeable. We are homosexuals and cannot change. In the same way, we cannot change heterosexuals into homosexuals. We cannot recruit. WE CANNOT, DO NOT, HAVE NEVER, AND WILL NEVER ‘recruit’.

We can only deduce that those leveling these claims aim to inflame the population against us, a minority group.


The allegation that we receive huge amounts of money for so called ‘recruitment’ services are simply ridiculous. We do not receive any money for ‘recruitment’. It is absurd that some assume we would be paid to do something impossible.


We strongly affirm that these allegations are not only false and ridiculous; they are also far from the truth.


Our campaign for gay rights is rooted in the fact that, as Ugandans, we deserve the respect and protection of the law, just like all other Ugandans. We do not deserve to be discriminated. We do not deserve to be criminalized. We do not deserve to be treated as criminals simply

because we are lesbians, gay, bisexual, transgender, inter-sex.


We call upon all Ugandans to reject this campaign of falsehoods, inflammatory statements and hatred. Ours is a peaceful plea to inform fellow Ugandans about us, so that fellow citizens do not think that we are, as we have been accused of being; ie insane, pigs, sick, inhuman, un-natural, un-Ugandan and un-African.


We are fellow Ugandans. We deserve equal rights and protection under the Law and Constitution. We do not deserve hatred, false statements, and the spread of inflammatory ideas against us. We don’t deserve to be demonized and falsely accused in the name of ignorance of who and what we are.


For and on behalf of all the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Inter-sex, and Queer People of Uganda.


For God and Our Country.

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Leonard said...

I find this excellent in response to all the ignorant prancing and pontificating done by American and Ugandan instigators of hate at the anti-LGBT quasi-religious/political ¨Conference¨ held at Kampala...I don´t think I could have written anything close to´s so straight forward, honest and REAL and CLEAN (after all the lies and abuse that you have listened to these past days)!


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