Monday, April 27, 2009

Another Homosexual Pastor?


This was disturbing me. Couldnt lay a finger on what exactly it was that is not healthy. Got it now. They are perfoming a withch hunt. And the scare word is 'homosexual'

Father Musaala is (or is not) homosexual… Seems the jury is out on that.

But a comedy is ongoing amongst the Pentecostal pastors in Uganda.

I think it was Thursday that I heard the rumour about an accusation leveled against Pastor Kayanja, another of the mega church pastors. I dismissed it. Was kind of too bizarre. Too way out there. For some reason, every enemy Pentecostal pastor is supposed to be homosexual. Don’t, or cant figure out the logic of that. Actually, I think it is the fact that they (the Pentecostals) have built up homosexuality to be the ultimate sin that one can commit. And, with the infighting between these churches, accusing one another of being homosexual is the ultimate. Especially if it sticks.

Oh, we real homosexuals are just collateral damage.

Anyway, Thursday I heard the bizarre story that Kayanja was accused. Monday it is in the New Vision. Front page.

Take time to read and laugh. But these things are pretty serious.

And, before I forget, the Red rug headlines a story from George Oundo that we homosexuals want to kill the poor lad. Apparently, we are not happy at him ripping apart our closets. Don’t really understand what Oundo is about. I suspect that the guy is just plain crazy. Or just loves the attention!

Here is the Pastor Politics story.

CID probes kidnap of Kayanja’s aide     

Row deepens among city’s top Pentecostal pastors

By Anthony Bugembe and Dorah Naamala 

The Police are investigating the alleged kidnap and torture of Chris Muwonge, the personal aide of Pastor Robert Kayanja of Rubaga Miracle Centre, in what seems a deepening row between rival Pentecostal (Born Again) churches.

Muwonge testified before the press yesterday that he had been abducted by armed men on the morning of April 18, while returning from overnight prayers, and held for five days.

“As I was picking a boda boda to go home, someone called me by name and said I had dropped my money. When I looked back, the man told me to enter a parked car. If I did not, he warned, the man in the car would shoot me,” the 27-year-old told journalists at the Miracle Centre church.

He said a gun was pointed at him as he entered the car; he was blindfolded and driven away. When the blindfold was removed, Muwonge noted, he was in a bathroom with a TV camera before him.


“My captors beat me while ordering me to look into the camera and testify that Pastor Kayanja had been sodomising boys. I refused. They promised me $100,000 (sh200m) and pocket money amounting to $20,000 (sh40m). They said they could fly me to any country of my choice.”

Muwonge said he was eventually dumped outside Kayanja’s residence in Kawuku-Gaba on Thursday. His head was covered in a plastic bag and his hands were trussed behind his back.

He was discovered by area residents who at first thought he was dead. They alerted Pastor Kayanja’s housekeeper, who notified her boss. Kayanja called the Police who rushed him to International Hospital Kampala for treatment.

The Police spokesperson, Judith Nabakooba, said they were investigating the incident. “We are taking this very seriously given that it may have security implications. We need to get to the bottom of the matter,” she told The New Vision.

more of the story deals with the Pastor politics...


Leonard said...

Some pastors have been accused of enriching themselves by asking their followers to sow (donate money) in order to reap (have miracles performed).¨

Sounds fair least the fundraising is homegrown and not the result of bigots/religious anti-lgbt bribes from the good ol´ U.S.A....I kinda like ¨sow¨ and ¨reap¨´s so straighforward.

Anonymous said...

hi gug,

i was wondering if you could clarify something for me. what is the difference between pentecostal, born again, and balokole in Uganda... it seems they are often used interchangeably. any thoughts would help :)

Anonymous said...

there is no difference. Balokole is just the luganda word for born again/pentecostal.

Anonymous said...

Note that we would generally say "i'm a mulokole or born again". when someone is not familiar with the word we usually use pentecostal which is more broad.
hope this helps

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