Friday, April 3, 2009

Uganda not to bow to foreign pressure on legalizing homosexuality


Well, just have to remember that this is the Langa campaign.

Uganda People News: Homosexuality blamed on international rights organizations

First published: 20090410 5:28:45 AM EST


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George Oundo, a former homosexual and now a born-again Christian has blamed the spread of homosexuality on international human rights organizations.

Addressing parents at Hotel Triangle Kampala, George Oundo said he had been recruited by the Gay and Lesbian Coalition and given training on promoting homosexuality.

Another man, Paul Kagaba, said he had previously been gay for eight years. Kagaba reiterated claims of being asked to publicise homosexuality.


    KAMPALA, April 3 (Xinhua) -- Uganda will maintain its stance against homosexuality despite increased calls by foreign governments to legalize it, an official said here on Friday.

    Nsaba Buturo, minister of state for ethics and integrity, said some nations at the United Nations are advocating "sexual rights" which Uganda believes will be used to promote homosexuality.

    "Uganda will not be forced to legalize practices that are illegal, unnatural and abnormal," he told a press briefing.

    He said he had communicated the position to Uganda's representative to the UN.

    "They have no right to call us names, to call us extremists, we shall talk to countries that we share the same belief on not legalizing homosexuality," he stated.

    Buturo said the government has also started a crackdown on certain humanitarian relief organizations that recruit youths into the vice under the guise of giving them education.

    The government is making preparations to enact a comprehensive law that will make it a criminal offense to promote homosexuality, said the official.

    Buturo appealed to parents to remain vigilant because a number of schools in the country have been penetrated by the vice.

    Gay and anti-gay activists have hit headlines in local media this week with each calling for their rights.

    Uganda has been condemned by international human rights activists for criminalizing homosexuality.


Pretty clear, isnt it?

What about this one...

Ugandan gays and lesbians demand equal rights, criticize religious leaders

KAMPALA, Uganda (AP) - Ugandan gay rights activists say they've received harassment from religious leaders and ordinary Ugandans.

About 20 activists staged a rare public protest yesterday to call for equal rights and the decriminalization of homosexuality in the socially conservative east African country. The demonstration followed several days of anti-gay protests last week in Kampala in which protesters accused gays of attempting to convert schoolchildren to homosexuality.

One woman said she was publicly stripped naked and taunted by a pastor and his congregation as they attempted to exorcise her.

Homosexuality is illegal in Uganda and carries a penalty of up to seven years' imprisonment. However, there are no known cases of gays or lesbians being convicted.

Ugandan officials staunchly rejected the activists' call. The minister of state ethics (Nsaba Buturo) says, "Uganda is a Christian country" that loves gays and homosexuals but in his words, hates their activities. In recent years, Ugandan church officials have distanced their church from the Anglican Communion after a U.S. church ordained a gay bishop.


Leonard said...

Orombi didn´t ¨distance¨ The Anglican Church of Uganda from the U.S. Church (or American hate money).

+Orombi, underhandedly, while reminding us of the ¨poisoness forces¨ of The Episcopal Church, not-so-secretly commissioned Rev. Erich Kasirye, a Anglican Ugandan priest, working for Diocese of Namirembe and Bishop Samuel
Ssekkadde, into *offering*
"ecclesiastical protection" to U.S. Parishes...people/parishes made up of bigoted white people at Church! Orombi, Kasirye, Ssekkadde want to recruit other fear/hate-mongers and set up their own fundamentalist ¨religion¨ by poaching on parish property owned by The Episcopal Church. Fortunately for thinking people, humanity and decent Christians...the whole gang have NOW been thrown out!

The California Supreme Court decided that the properties/churches that have aligned themselves with Uganda must MOVE OUT OF THE EPISCOPAL CHURCH BUILDINGS!

Now that´s what I call ¨getting distanced¨ from Archbishop Orombi in the right way...thanks be to God we don´t have to listen to the endless filth and ignorance spewed against LGBT people by political jerks/hacks and quasi religious leaders who preach/speak things like "Uganda will not be forced to legalize practices that are illegal, unnatural and abnormal,"...unethical minister is a very sick and disruptive man, a WORLD CLASSLESS Minister of ¨ethics¨ who would HARM other human beings in order to gain importance and notority for himself.

He still fails to name names of those NGO´s that are buying homosexuality in Uganda that he´s constantly inciting hatred about.

Of course the worldwide sensibility disagrees with the ¨ethics ministry¨ in Uganda which appears to be zealously fostering the likes of another Idi Amin (or worse).

Leonard said...

Watch the whole thing...General Colin Powell and Secretary Alexander (especially Secretary Alexander)...these are men who are not about to let ¨witch hungting¨ religious extremists make healthy emotional judgements in their lives.

Jimmy Charite said...

I am pained my things in this story.

One, that homosexual people continue to be treated so harshly. What ever your opinions about homosexually, we all should agree that every human should be respected.

Two, that Christianity is so falsely represented. Do not assume that just because someone is a "religious leader" or identify with a particular faith, that their actions and beliefs are representative of that faith.

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