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Gay Rights, and the Father Musaala Saga

UPDATE: 1900hrs

This is interesting.

The government is homophobic. Very. Now, gay groups are coming out to fight for their rights, and here is the response of the government.

MPs want gay group's activities regulated

MPs want government to regulate the activities of homosexuals who have come out publicly to defend their rights.

Kawempe North MP Latif Sebaggala says Government should not allow homosexuals to hold press conferences to iron out their issues because the vice is illegal.

However, Government Chief Whip Daudi Migereko says there are No laws that prohibit homosexuals from holding press conferences.

Migereko says that the ministry of Internal affairs will track homosexuals and take action against them.

A little bit of interpretation. Gay Ugandans are so dangerous that it is important to have their activities monitored. Whatever that means, by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Ok, understood?
And the regulators? The very people who are talking of lynching, marooning, outing and wiping out homosexuality from Uganda. We do have a lot to thank our dear Christian brothers, don’t we?


I found the latter part of this article interesting, so you will bear with me if I put it first.

For a full week lies have been getting out of hand. People have held press conferences, mass rallies, and have got multiple front pages in the government owned news paper. We try to write to the papers, we try to present our point of view. Not a whiff of truth dares come out.

So, we do what we fear most. Come out, expose ourselves, and read a small press release. The country is amazed, and infuriated. How dare we!

So, the government will soon show its teeth.

At Parliament, MPs criticised the Government for allowing self-confessed homosexuals to address a press conference and promote their activities. The conference took place at the Metropole Hotel in Kampala on Tuesday.

Latif Sebaggala (DP) said the Government was tolerant because donors had threatened to cut funding if homosexuals were stopped. “We are worried about our children. If the Government is silent, it means it is silent approval,” he said.

Henry Banyenzaki (NRM) blamed poor enforcement of laws which he said had escalated homosexuality, rape, defilement and child sacrifice. In reply, Daudi Migereko, the Government chief whip, argued that anybody was free to hold a press conference without permission from the Government.

However, he said, by doing so, the gays had exposed themselves and the Government would go after them.“Homosexuality is illegal. The Minister of Ethics, Dr. Nsaba Buturo, has been clear on the matter. Those involved will face the long arm of the law,” he said.

Henry Kajura, the second deputy Prime Minister, said the Government would not compromise on moral and cultural values because of donor pressure.

“The Government will soon show its teeth,” he warned. “Our society abhors homosexuality.”


On the Musaala saga some people below would like me to confirm that Musaala is gay. They will not accept me denying or saying I don’t know. They want me to confirm. Funny world this is…!

Musaala has gone ahead and issued lots of information. Do they believe him? Well, you do have all rights to believe, or not believe, don’t you think so?

But of his defence I do take some exception. To the patronizing, church attitude. the church was clear about aberrant sexual practices and how to guide offenders get out of “the abnormal behaviour”.

Musaala argued that as a church minister, he had given spiritual guidance to homosexuals, lesbians and prostitutes since 1999, but he was not gay himself. “But ethically, I cannot name them,” he said.

Explaining why people take to homosexuality, the dancing priest, as he is sometimes called, blamed the desire for money and “inherent feelings that drive them”.

His involvement, he said, was limited to helping the gay abandon the practice some of whom “want to commit suicide”.

“I want to show them the true path to salvation,” he said. “This is a journey that requires someone to walk with as a guide.”

“These people are stigmatised and I am totally against this because they need our help,” said Musaala.

Quoting the Catholic Church rules, Musaala described homosexuality as a “disorder” and “a trial” for those involved. “They must be accepted with respect, compassion and responsibility,” he quoted the rules. “Every sign of their discrimination should be avoided.”

He said he was simply implementing the text “but the problem is that in doing so, the public understands me differently”.

I feel like some bit of shit that has been allowed to share the family dog’s plate. Truly. Or is it just me being super sensitive in my role as a proud gay man? But, he is speaking to the Ugandan audience. So, putting the gay Ugandan down has to be part of the deal, maybe.


Buturo’s point

The ethics and integrity minister is indeed up to his job. Dr Nsaba Buturo has kept the fight against the evil of homosexuality by speaking out against it at whatever opportunity he gets at any forum. Speaking at a democratisation workshop on Tuesday, Buturo grabbed the opportunity to lash out at the advocates of the vice. “Homosexuality is totally unacceptable, how can a man marry a man and a woman marry a woman? Even he-goats can distinguish between he-goats and she-goats, who are we human beings, not to observe the rules of nature?” he asked.

Yes, gay bashing, is now realy, realy popular



Leonard said...

“They must be accepted with respect, compassion and responsibility,” he quoted the rules. “Every sign of their discrimination should be avoided.”

Actually, given the on-the-ground situation in Uganda with teaching visits from lunatics like Scott Lively (who rewrote the Holocaust, etc) to your unethical, and plain stupid, Minister of Ethics pontificating and generating more lies about LGBT citizens, the above sounds generous and reasonable.

“Every sign of their discrimination should be avoided.” Is clearly more humane than comparing us with GOATS that know do they find these people for Government?

Anglican Bishop Orombi is getting his ass kicked at court in the U.S.A. and it´s not a moment too soon, however, he uses this kind of Ugandan ¨religious fundamentalist mumbo jumbo¨ rationalization to validate is sick, and egodriven behavior/ there is a man, Orombi, who knows something about ¨animal¨ acts appearing very similar to personal human morals.

Be VERY VERY careful, these men are off-the-wall religious degenerates who MUST SAVE FACE!

Father Musasla is reasonable, as is his superior...there is a big difference between their comments and the twisted emotional spewings of the ¨ethics¨ wizard.

spiralx said...

He-goats and she-goats... actually, it's well-documented that homosexuality occurs anmong several different species of naimals.

So - Buturo needs to get up to date. Again. (Actually, entering the 20th century, let alone the 21st, might be a start...).

As for saying "homosexuality is illegal" - that's like saying being albino is illegal. It isn't. And it can't be made to be.

Homosexual acts, now that's different. But legislating there is like legislating against alcohol. It just pishes it underground.

They'd do better wasting taxpayers' money on something more productive, like the victims of the LRA; or rape victims...

Anonymous said...

haaaahaaa, things will all come out , we thank God for georgina coming out and thats why many homosexuals are in why is he talking like that,

i know father musala he is an open homosexual he even tried to ell me those words , am ready to testfy about him ,i know many boys he slept with and am a member of st matia mulumba so let him not lie the public he is homosexual , i just pray that george should talk about him , i think ever had sex with him and musala cant denie ,

oooohhhh i dint know that one day georgina will change

we look out to see all changed from homosexuality

we know george knows many of them and he will open them out

we ugandas says NO TO HOMOSEXUALITY

Anonymous said...

musala is homosexual and we are going to expose him in all ways even those boys he slept with will come out ,

we are ready for anthing let him just look for george is the only one who can help him out of this,

for many years i know musala and he knows now its fare , am so sorry for him the whole priest? haaahaaa shame to him ,

MUSALA you are a homosexual dont denie if its good why are saying no , you have ever tald me a bout it i know you and am ready to talk about you ,

coming to georgina if they had problems with his fellow friends why didnt they call him and things are talked and now you see what is happening?

let us wait who is next

Anonymous said...

people can talk ,i dont know our community should not look for georgina and things come down? am not happy for what is happening i know georgina if i think he has some thing in his heart ,let us help others before tings are hot ,

let us belive georgina has got information and he knows many people so let us help gays who havn't been named yet ,

do you know any of his freind?try to see that you talk to him

anyway .............who is next?

Anonymous said...

look for georgina and talk to him if its problems let us see it and we help,

let us not look at him as a person wh cant do any thing today i had him on capital radio and i tell you the guy can talk and we are nt safe ,

is there any ways to talk to him? if possible let us make it

gayuganda said...

Interesting. A surfeit of anonymous commentators. Surely you can get 'open' addresses?

Poor Christians...!

Anyway, allegations and hate speech are, protected as freedom of speech? Maybe. But when you are anonymous, and then accuse someone of a crime, it kind of sounds funny.

To all anonymous friends. all the best to you. Frankly, I will take your messages with a huge pinch of salt...

As to your wishes for me having a bad time, I will act a Christian, and turn the other cheek...!

David G. said...

Demons always like to hide their names by posting as Anonymous!!

Anonymous said...

LOL! All those anonymous comments seem to originate from the same individual. The same person who went to the school of 'we say no to good grammar!'

Anonymous said...

ooh why do you want every one to show off, even you ,your self you dont want to show off that you are Gay , and you want others to show off , anyway tthat the way you homos think that people hate you but we love but hate what you do,

you have to believe it musala is Gay and you have nothing to about it . uganda is not a land of homosexuality

gayuganda said...

School of 'We say no to good grammar'?.....!

Thanks anon, you have gotten your point across.

Anonymous said...

every one likes hiding even musala is hiding and dinie beeing homo ,

and you say that others hide man you are a homo, and you need help

Anonymous said...

Father has confirmed

1. that the gay lifestyle is a choice. An economic one at that.

2. Father also talks about inherent feelings as being another root of homosexuality, I take this to mean same sex attraction (as distinct from homosexual acts and identity) but he does not elaborate. The Church accepts this attraction is not a choice.

3. Fr implies that there is no pride in being "gay" by saying recent allegations that he is actively homosexual are damaging to him.

4. Father states the position of the Roman Catholic Church on the matter, called Catechism 2358, affirms the rights of homosexual people to the same pastoral care, respect and justice as everyone else.

The blog-rage we are witnessing is a different matter. The roots seem to lie in people's personal experiences.

Before pouring scorn on people's grammar, try and understand the rage.

As Anonymous as gug

gayuganda said...

Wow anon

the one as anonymous as gug... I salute you.

See, I know you by your style. If it wasnt that, I would not be able to distinguish you from the 6 othe anonymous people who have posted on this post alone. It is just simple courtesy to put a name, an alias to your post, so that we do not mistake your courteous, grammatical style with that of a less courteous one.

Father Musalla has confirmed!!!!

Wow! Father is not gay. But he has confirmed my 'economic lifestyle'. Did I call you courteous? No, I meant the writing style. I mean, I am gay, and you dont think I have any brains, do you?

You articulate the Catholics beliefs. Now, pardon me, if I say that I am not a Catholic, will you forgive me for not believing what you believe? Quoting the catechism is like quoting the Quaran. I just plain dont believe.

There is no pride in being gay? To me there is. That is why I affirm it. Again and again.

The blog rage that we are witnessing? Why, in personal experiences? I beg to differ. It lies in ignorance, pure and simple. If you can believe as fact what Father Musaala says, maybe because he is a Catholic priest who has admitted to counselling gay people to change, well. You are as ignorant about me as many of the people who have posted here are.

Let us not confuse plain ignorance- a lack of knowledge, with rage. If you try to 'rationalise' ignorant hate speech as rage, then I fear you are not on any path to know what a homosexual person like me is...

But then, who am I to expect that you would like to know me? Just throw the stones, I will examine them before they hit my poor self.


Anonymous said...

Dear dear gug,

First off, apologies. I have no intention of being discourteous. Also, I am unfamiliar with the etiquette of the blog. Tell me where to sign etc. But I am remaining as anonymous as you.

Here is what I am doing. I am trying to show you what is going on with the enraged commentator. Yes, the extent to which he has gone qualifies as 'hatespeech'. He is attacking all homosexuals because of what he alleges a priest has done. My Church of which I am proud, prohibits this type of speech in its written teachings Catechism 2358.

Why is he so angry? Because he claims he is a Catholic and attends a church where he was propositioned by the priest.

Now, a heterosexual propositioned by a priest would be in a similar state. Why? Because of the deception of the priest.

1. Priests take an oath of celibacy. It means something to us.

2. The Church teaches celibacy for everyone not married sacramentally (i.e. in church.)So it must have come as a shock for Enraged Blogger to be propositioned.

3. Even if the alleged perpetrator had not been a priest or a homosexual, but the man's employer (male or female), or senior colleague (ditto) or brother or sister-in-law, or bank manager/ess..., we would have called that "sexual harassment" and rightly so because of the position of trust in which we hold those people.

4. Priests have a sexuality. To be celibate does not mean to be asexual. Not all homosexual priests proposition people, they are celibate. Not all heterosexual priest proposition or seduce people, they remain celibate. They give up consummating their sexuality for what to them is a greater cause. It is their choice isn't it?

5. I believe not all homosexuals would find a proposition like the one alleged welcome.

So EB says he is inappropriately propositioned and he loses it when the alleged perpetrator denies it.That is his personal experience. Someone else would have expressed themselves differently I geuss. (Is a short temper genetic?)

When we talk to priests we let our guard down and trust them and it is a shock for the type of thing alleged to happen.

So you see dear gug, I am not exalting a priest just because he is a priest. I am trying to communicate with you. Do you want to hear what I have to say?

I am saying, this is not the first allegation nor the last.

Now, here is the thing. Assume for a moment the allegations are true. Having been accused publicly. the accused priest, instead of responding publicly that being gay is genetic, he quotes the Catechism that says same sex attraction is a disorder. Furthermore, that to allege he is homosexual is to damage his reputation. If in fact the allegations are true, would this response to the accusations not amount to a denial of the gay movement itself?

I was trying to bring out the irony. Nobody is denying homosexuality is stigmatized and the situation is not helped by homosexuals who carry out acts that are objectionable whether done by gays or heterosexuals.

Anonymous as gug.

gayuganda said...

Dear anon

Protocol and courtesy? You are actually doing very well.

The angry blogger, well, he should be welcomed to the world of reality. Thanks for showing all those points. Personally, I gave up thinking priests were angels. And for one to be ‘angered’ by their sexuality is a show of naivety. According to me. Thanks for explaining that the phenomenon does not occur with only homosexual priests. That shows that at least you do think that us homosexuals are as human as our heterosexual counterparts.

That does not stop me from thinking you should not bend over backwards justifying someone’s ‘rage’. It is immature, childish. Why should the truth hurt him?

As for the allegations, think of it this way. Is the court of public opinion in Uganda one where one can really defend themselves? Homosexual is a nasty word in Uganda. The very taint is something that is avoided. So, whether gay or not, Musaala is guilty. Because he has been accused! Ironic? Maybe. Should we blame it on homosexuals who ‘carry out acts that are objectionable’? Homosexuals are normal human beings, which means some are good, some bad, some indifferent. Why should we be held to a higher scale than others, just because we are homosexuals?


Anonymous said...

Ugandan gay gospel singer Danny Katende writes an email requesting help and prayers for himself and for his beloved priest Father Anthony Musaala

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