Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Brethren in Kenya

New Kenyan archbishop vows to fight same-sex unions

First published: 20090428 8:28:23 AM EST

As the issue of homosexuality and lesbianism continue to take big space in the media worldwide, the African Anglican Union has continued to hold onto its so-called conservative stand against same sex unions.

In Kenya, a new Archbishop has also vowed to start where his predecessor had stopped. Eliud Wabukala of Bungoma, who becomes the Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Kenya in July, says he will not reverse his predecessor’s opposition to same-sex unions.

This was after Wabukala was elected on April 24 to replace Archbishop Benjamin Nzimbi, who retires on 30 June.

The issue of same sex union has split the Anglican Communion around the world and many pro-gay activists are rising claiming their rights.

On the other hand, anti-gay groups have also risen to preach their message as they know it according to their faith and beliefs.

In Uganda, Family Life Network has spearheaded the campaign in the country while the group of Christian youth under the umbrella Christian Peace Youth Ministries are holding various seminars in western Uganda and using the media to fight the vice.


Tamaku said...

These dinosaurs need to know they are on the wrong side of history. Thanks for keeping the fires burning.

Leonard said...

There is little to say...people won´t being shamed to death by a bunch of immoral old men in purple who preach love and instigate acts of crime...they won´t even be able to brainwash themselves well enough to seem like they know what they´re talking about...but then, they can always pay for some less than expert authroities like Scott Lively to come over and sell them another back up version of the Brooklyn Bridge...these bozs have to be right, they´ve got so much facesaving to SAVE (why bother with Souls)!

Anonymous said...

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