Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Message, from Kenya with Love

Sexual orientation not a sin to be repented - reverend
Last Updated: April 2, 2009

By Lesego Tlhwale (BTM intern)

KENYA – 02 April 2009: Reverend Michael Nzuki Kimindu of Other sheep East Africa, a worldwide Christian ministry working for inclusion of homosexual people of faith, has questioned claims by nine Ugandan men that they have been cured off homosexuality, some within a space of two weeks, through being born again Christians.

Kimindu said prayer can change self hate, God hate and staying in the closet by homosexual people, but cannot change a person’s sexual orientation.

“Prayer can play a part in these changes, but not sexual orientation. Sexual orientation is not an ethical failure to be prayed for, nor is it a sin to be repented”, he said.

The Reverend further criticized the approach by this “ex-gay” group to fight homosexuality in Uganda.

“If they are healed, why do they talk of fighting those who are yet to find cure? Why not take the message of cure to them in a Christian manner?

He further advised “If they used to recruit people, whatever that means, let them go and apologise to those they recruited. They may as well offer themselves to the police for arrest and subsequent charges and imprisonment.”

On the fact that the nine men claimed that homosexuality is Western, un-Christian and that it never existed in Africa before colonization, Kimindu said “This group is ignoring, or may not even be aware of, much scientific, psychological, psychiatric and theological research in this area.”

“Archaeology as at now confirms that humans had their origin in Africa, in the region of the great lakes. Did they leave their sexuality as they travelled to the rest of the world?", he questioned.

Kimindu revealed that on 28 March two gay men contacted him looking for spiritual advice. One was from Unganda but living in Kenya and another one from Kenya,” They have never been to Europe or USA, What do you make of that?”

“May this message be communicated to these brothers and sisters [nine Ugandan men] that we LGBTI activists have suffered through discrimination, stigma and even physical violence. We seek justice, acceptance and inclusion for all. This we believe is central to the ministry of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is also what any civilized community should offer to it community”, Kimindu concluded

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