Sunday, April 12, 2009

In spite of, Persecution

Have just been to a bar.

Easter Saturday. It was crowded. Sunday and Monday are public holidays. And, this is party time.

Many other guys out there. And gals. Seems as if my ‘circle’ has been decimated, by the outings. Kind of tough, going out, and most of those that you know are not there. Gay, I just make new friends. But not very politic with my husband looking over my shoulders. He is the jealousy kind. Legendarily jealousy, if I am to be accurate!

‘You guys ok?’

A friend had appeared out of the blue, and the rain. Was overcast, most of the evening. With a cool breeze touching my now shaven head. I had hid out of the breeze, with the guys and gals inside, where it was warm, the music was high, and we were grounding and gropping one another. That is, until I felt like getting some air. And found that it was drizzling outside.

I was leaning on my lover’s shoulder, high, bit tipsy, oblivious of any interested eyes.

Yeah, we are fine.

‘Despite the persecution?’ he was concerned, looking into our eyes.

‘Yeah, despite the persecution’ we replied, after some hesitation.

He nodded, and left us to our devices.

I watched him go, trying to figure out what he meant. Then I understood. Remember the guys who were arrested in Mbale? Brian and Fred. They are still in prison, far as I know. Apparently, they are a couple. Have been, for 5 good years. That is why the neighbors were able to know what would be happening in their house. That is why they were arrested, but apparently, it was not in a compromising position. Now, most of the kuchu community believes that me and my partner are at higher risk, of outing, and arrest than most others. We have got that question a lot, the last couple of days.

Is it true? Are we at increased risk?

Probably. Cant believe that most of our neighbours have not got that suspicion. Eight years living together in same house is not a short time. But, we do have some ‘guardian angel’, so probably we are not as much at risk as others may think. Or, at least that is what I hope!

Today, was talking to one guy. He has appeared on TV as gay, sometime before. A bit involuntarily. He was worried. Seems the Local Council Chairman at his place wants a personal word with him.

Good Christian easter spirit, with the anti-gay hysteria ongoing, seems to be that the community ‘demands’ that evil ‘homosexuals’ leave the community. He was asking for advice. He fears going home. He fears that the Local Council chairman wants to serve him an eviction notice.

I was upset. That should not happen. He is a Ugandan. He has a right to live wheresoever he lives. That right is enshrined within the constitution. I know! No other Ugandan has the right to ‘chase’ him from his home for any reason.

I told the poor guy off, and sent him to other people. What I said was fact. That is the law, far as I know, but reality tends to twist it in another way. Fact is we have been branded child abusers and a risk to the community, by dear Pastor Ssempa and Steven Langa’s anti-gay campaign. And, for most of our country mates, with the law a parody of useless justice, mob justice, which knows no law, is a quicker, surer way of achieving ‘justice’.

A long digression.

Didn’t stop me thinking that, with Christians in church for the Midnight masses and other holy functions, we gays were quite safe in the bars, where the anonymity of each and everyone else saved us from being ‘outed’. Ok, I did feel safe, leaning against my lover, in a bar in the middle of Kampala, more than a little drunk, at that particular moment.

Times are tough.

Yes, for the time being, we are safe.

A good Easter holiday. Despite the persecution. Irrespective of your Sexual Orientation




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AfroGay said...

Bf the jealous type, huh? I always wondered why he constantly kept an eye on me (you?) whenever you and I were in the same kafunda. It now all fits into place. Ha, Ha, Ha.

Sorry to hear about the empty spaces and places. Obviously, it has been a tough three weeks for our boys and girls and it is undertandable that they would want to keep their heads down for a while.

Imagine not being merry and gay at Easter of all times! It's a terrible pity.

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