Thursday, April 16, 2009

Buturo is right: homos must pay taxes, rot in hell

Some satire, from the Observer.....!

Written by Wang w'Angamba             

Wednesday, 15 April 2009 17:49

Integrity and Ethics minister, Nsaba Buturo, was at it again last week, accusing the United Nations of promoting homosexuality.

I would have dismissed the claim as his latest attempt to grab the headlines, were it not for a related incident a few days earlier.

While hanging around the United Nations in New York, where I happen to have a few friends, I was approached by a white American woman, perhaps in her 40s.

She introduced herself and a young African boy, whom she described as her Mozambican son. She asked whether I was a government representative. I told her that I am small fish who was just checking on some friends.

“And would those friends be government representatives?” she asked.

“Sure. I have a couple of friends who work for the Ugandan mission to the United Nations,” I told her.

“You are from Uganda?” she said excitedly. “I know your First Lady Janet Museveni. She gave a keynote speech at our conference. Do you know Martin Ssempa? He is our regional coordinator [in Africa],” she said.

Having thus established her Ugandan credentials, she asked me to introduce her to my friends, as she had a burning issue to discuss with them.

“Some countries are trying to smuggle provisions on homosexuality into an important UN resolution,” she explained. “Many government representatives don’t have the time to read all the documents and they may pass it without realising the gravity of their actions.”

She was, therefore, looking for government representatives, especially from Africa, to block the resolution. She passed me some documents containing the offending provisions.

When she left, I looked at the document, wondering what it was the United Nations was trying to do about homosexuals. Surely it couldn’t be that the United Nations was trying to get homosexuals around the world locked up?

It turns out that the said provisions were about HIV/AIDS. They were calling upon countries to ensure access to reproductive and HIV/AIDS health services to all their citizens, including homosexuals.

So Nsaba Butoro is right after all. Some nasty people at the United Nations are trying to protect homosexuals from HIV/AIDS! How reprehensible!

How can our Godly nation, with a matching motto to boot (For God and My Country), be part of such an evil plot? Homosexuals must die of HIV/AIDS, unlike heterosexuals who must surely have drunk HIV/AIDS in their coffee.

Our country did not become a model in the fight against HIV/AIDS by pandering to the “abnormal” and “unnatural” practices of homosexuality (Buturo’s words, not mine). On the contrary, a senior United Nations official who tried to have the protection of homosexuals from HIV/AIDS integrated into the national AIDS programme was kicked out of town, reportedly on the orders of the First Lady.

In this God-loving country, homosexuals must pay their taxes, die of AIDS, and rot in hell. All power to our holy trinity of ministers - Nsaba Buturo, Janet Museveni and, in a religious sense, Martin Ssempa. God must be very pleased with them.


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