Sunday, April 26, 2009

Some truths about homosexuality

It has taken some time, but Kevin O'Connor has weighed in. In his usual abrassive style. Doesnt like Ssempa, does he...!

At last a newspaper article has been written by a Ugandan which discusses homosexuality in a sensible way. In “When Christians condemn God’s children during the Easter season” (Saturday Monitor April 11 2009), Bernard Tabaire draws attention to the unchristian behaviour of nasty gay-haters such as Stephen Langa of the Family Life Network and Pastor Martin Ssempa of the Makerere Community Church.


Christianity and homosexuality

As regards homosexuality, to this list of Satan’s sinners, can be added Dr James Nsaba Buturo, Minister of (supposedly) Ethics and Integrity, who recently labelled homosexuals as, “abnormal, unhealthy and unnatural.”

To the Langas, Ssempas and Buturos of this world, we must ask two questions:

Where is your “treat your neighbour as yourself”? Where is your recognition of the undisputable truth that, the world over, somewhere between one in 10 and one in 20 human beings are born genetically homosexual?

I ask these questions not as a homosexual myself, but as a heterosexual. Yes, I like the ladies, and whether you are a black, brown, yellow or a white female, the more beautiful you are, the more sexually attracted to you I will be. And not only that, I have a particular heterosexual taste in women i.e. I especially like tall, slim ladies!


School gayness - normal

The only time I have ever felt sexual feelings towards other males was as a teenager. Most human beings start developing sexual desires when they are too young to have access to the opposite sex. So there is often some sexual experimentation with friends of the same sex. This is a normal and natural part of adolescence and a standard part of heterosexuality. So much of the noise about gay and lesbian behaviour in Ugandan schools is nonsense. Most of these youngsters are just experimenting, and will become heterosexuals as soon as they grow older and their society allows them sexual access to the opposite sex.


A gay Kabaka

However, real adult homosexuals have existed all over Africa throughout history. For example, there has been at least one homosexual Kabaka. According to no less an authority than Pastor Martin Ssempa (The New Vision, June 3 2005, Page 8), in the 1880s, Kabaka Mwanga “was a deviant homosexual who used his demigod status to appease his voracious appetite for sodomy”. Put in more simple English, Kabaka Mwanga had anal sex with his page boys.



In today’s Uganda, a percentage of the Ugandans who are nasty gay-haters, and make the most outspoken attacks against homosexuals, are homosexuals themselves. In order to repress and disguise their own natural homosexual inclinations, they feel it important to be seen in public criticising and insulting homosexuals.

When the truth comes out about such people, let us hope they receive more “treat your neighbour as yourself” behaviour from heterosexuals than they themselves were earlier able to give to homosexuals.


spiralx said...

And why, so far, have the supporters of this article not added their supportive comments at the bottom? The editor needs to see that this not a lone opinion. Get writing.

AfroGay said...

Spiralx ... you will find that there is nothing O'Connor has said that has not been said countless times. After a while, you get jaded and just ... live your homosexual life. In the scheme of homosexual writing in Africa, and in Uganda especially, O'Connor's excellent article is ... old news.

We even have a whole book published tackling this subject from all angles:

(Homosexuality; Perspectives from Uganda. ISBN 978-9970-001-90-3)

People might not respond in the numbers one would wish for but this is likely because they are tired of sounding like a warped CD.

spiralx said...

I understand what you're saying, AfroGay. But - because there are those out there who continue to reiterate untruths about homosexuality, there needs must be a continual balancing effort to set the record straight (so to speak!).

The average Joe and Joanna only get to see what is put in front of them. So put something there that you believe is relevant and important to their better understanding of the issue.

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