Friday, September 7, 2007

What a god you serve!

No. I don't believe. Not so my partner. He believes; fiercely, passionately, completely. Fact is, after coming out to my pastor brother, him and my partner seem to have teemed up to 'bring me to faith'. Though my partner admits it seems like an impossible objective!

This is my opinion. Not that of other gay Ugandans. Particularly not that of gay Ugandans who believe, Christians, Moslems etc. I sincerely believe that it is your right to believe, and not to be rejected from Church or Mosque. As it is my right not to believe.

I know I may anger many with this. But it is funny when a Christian tells me sincerely that they do not hate me. That they do not hate me as a gay Ugandan. They believe it. But unless one acts like my brother did, I cannot believe it. And this is how some Christians reacted to us coming out.

What a god you serve!

a god, gods, I've never seen
nor are gods my familiars.
it's you that I see,
self proclaimed servant of god-
his image on earth, you say

of him, you I see preach,
fire, damnation and brimstone.
me condemning always-
that thence shall be my fate.


what a god you serve,
all lather, blood and gore,
demanding of me sacrifice,
me that him not know!

me damning, me devilry, me harloting-
why ever would he make of me,
universal punching bag?
or to sport me he made,
universal bowl for spit?

what a god you present-
shameless demand from I's.
what a god you serve,
sexless, beauty-less, tepid with hate!
what a god you serve,
rising early acoyltes to seek.

a god, any god I pray-
save me hence I beg,
from his god, hell and damnation.
may my knees not shrivel, not bend,
before yonder hate filled god,
nor seek ever to know,
a god like to the one you serve!

(c) GayUganda 07/09/07


Anonymous said...


Fantastic poem!

I'd like to send it to some acquaintances...may I?

gayuganda said...

Yes, go ahead!

I did not think it was so cool, but glad you like it!


The 27th Comrade said...

You know, I wonder if them preachers understand the point of Jesus and the adulteress. It's not like Jesus was not aware that adultery was considered a sin. He only warned (strongly) against self-righteousness. That is basically a worse state to be in. Ssempa is saying, in short, that he is perfect. If he isn't, is he ready to be denied rights and stuff because of some sin he is guilty of?
And, like you said in some recent post, I tend to see these over-zealous haters as homos in denial. Maybe he is. Oops. I hope `homo' is not derogatory.

In other news: I'm this guy who prowls the Ugandan blogs all the time. I'm adding yours to my feeds. I've known about it for a while, but I generally ignored it. I am really not a fan of the descriptions (however light) you put up here, sometimes. Still, I hope I am not like them Pharisees of whom you speak, above (even though I will admit to hating your kind a bit). Still, I understand I wouldn't want to be hated for something I can't change (read racism, sexism, et cetera) so I am aware I am doing something really bad in hating homosexuals. But I wonder if I can change ... :o)

gayuganda said...

Well 27th, 'homo' is derogatory. I prefer gay.

Thanks for the complement. You are welcome to it. The descriptions (however light). I generally pour my heart out on this blog about what is happening to me. I am a human being. It would be very hard for me to write and not include comments about the man I love. Oh yes, I am not sorry that it is a man. Sorry, I no longer apologise for that!

About you changing? At least you are not a Nsaba Buturo. You are willing to listen to me. That is all I would ask, just look at me as a human being. Different, true. But still human.


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