Sunday, March 23, 2008

Gays Still Looking for Love from Christians

Just realised that the banner that I saw on TV about homosexuality being unnatural had made me backslide.
You know, getting back to Christian bashing. So easy to do that, with the likes of Nsaba Buturo and Ssempa and the Church of Uganda and Catholic church in Uganda being the representatives of Christians that I see in Uganda.
So when I saw a straight talking Christian article about the gay bashing and Christians, I had to remind myself that not all christians are gay haters.
Here is the article. And some quotes which I would like to remember.

"To this day, the gay and lesbian community is looking to the Church for some verifiable evidence that Christians love homosexuals as they say they do, said a former gay activist.

The Church must provide verifiable evidence of its hatred of sin of homosexuality and love for the homosexual, he explained at a past Love Won Out conference in Orlando, Fla. Dallas’ session was aired on Focus on the Family's radio broadcast on Tuesday.

"We have responsibility to be consistent to live what we preach," he said.

For decades Christians have struggled over how to respond appropriately to homosexuals.

In the 1970s, many Christian televangelists and well-known pastors began speaking out against the sin of homosexuality, often offering "lurid exaggerations" about homosexual people to underscore their point, Dallas mentioned.

He called it the "Jonah syndrome" where Christians lose sight of the value and humanity of the people they oppose.

In the 1980s when the AIDS epidemic came on the scene, homosexuals only saw hostility from the Church.

"We in the gay community did not hear a compassionate Christian response," said Dallas, who said he once lived a promiscuous homosexual lifestyle.

Instead, the gay community heard: "The judgment of God has finally fallen down on the sodomites."

"Translated, your sin has finally caught up with you, you're going to die, and we're not at all sure we're sorry," Dallas said.

"That is a message that the gay community will never forget."

Meanwhile, as Dallas pointed out, the Jonah syndrome still shows itself today – even as churches adopt a more compassionate voice. It is especially evident in political debates.

"To hear some of us (Christians) talk, you think it's more important to politically defeat lesbians and gays than it is to see them won into the Kingdom of God," he said.

Dobson of Focus on the Family is quoted. I consider him a Ssempa, so I will not state more than the fact that the article quotes him. Would I consider Ssempa' truthful in speaking like so? Personally, I think him a hypocrite. As a person.
But I will not tar all Christians with the Ssempa brush. That, I say in my most pious tone. Believe it if you will!!!!!



Anonymous said...

made me backslide... that's a naughty thought! Christianity drives you to unnatural acts.

DeTamble said...

@Anon: Right on!

Princess said...

no comment

gayblade said...

I think that trying to make any form of Christianity fit into a homo-tolerant shape is an exercise in futility.
Christian dogma, from the start, is anti the body, anti sex, and especially anti our sort of sex.
The newer liberal forms of Christianity that take gays in are really so far distant from orthodox Christianity as to be a new religion. IMHO ;-)

gayuganda said...


anon; unnatural acts from Christianity:? Well, I will not comment that Christianity is un-natural. Because I may be lynched.

And deTamble thinking you are right on. Girl, Bite me!!!

I will no comment you, Princess. you are the proffesed Christian around here. Defend yourself!

My lover is a Christian. Now I do not know how he resolves that, but he is a Christian. So, can one be gay and Christian, absolutely! According to me and my logic.

Why fret about the changing of religions. Nothing is never changeable. I mean, a few milenia ago, these guys were debating whether negroes like me have souls. Now they tend to be convinced of that. Yet the book still talks about slaves being loyal to their owners. So, life changes, and we should expect it to. for the better, hopefully.


gayuganda said...

To Comrade 27th.

Your silence is noted!!!!

By the way, a chic wants to contact you. She has been impressed by your dashing cavalier figure, and she wants your email. She noted that there is no email address on your blog. So, do the needful and send it to me, and she will be in contact.

Far as I know, she is not lesbian. So, move on soldier!


DeTamble said...

Bite me? For agreeing that Christianity drives unnatural acts?

Negroids have no souls, don't you think that when Christians based that idea on their religion it was unnatural?

Princess said...

I'm merely wisely withdrawing from the age-old debate.
Or maybe I shouldn't.
The Bible states explicitly that we are to, "hate the sin and love the sinner."
And that homosexuals are to be rebuked and when they fail to change their ways are, "to be given over to the devil."
Also that 'bad company taints good character.'
Which is why the christians are acting as they do. Refusing you entry into the church of God and carrying those inflammatory banners.
In my opinion, they are dwelling too much on the "hate the sin."
And neglecting to love the 'sinner.'
Their, our goal, ultimately is to turn you to God.
But then perhaps I am dwelling too much on, "love the sinner."
Perhaps, I too, am being hypocritical.

gayuganda said...

Hi Princess,

you are too nice. Just dont fall into the trap of a debate with me here. At least not on the subject of religion. Me, I play very rough on that.

Like here;

The Bible states explicitly that we are to, "hate the sin and love the sinner."

homosexuals are to be rebuked and when they fail to change their ways are, "to be given over to the devil."

'bad company taints good character.'
Their, our goal, ultimately is to turn you to God

I am not a Christian. You have listed all the reasons why you Christians find me loathsome. And you want me to be come a Christian? You kindly list down the justification for your hatred of me, and then piously invite me to come and forsake my sin of lack of faith in your god?

Forget it!!!! Your god is too terrible. A hate monger.

With that kind of love my dear, I do not need enemies. So, thanks, I will remain happy in my state of sin!

Yeah, princess, as some people observed, please let us not bring up that topic. It brings out the ugly in me.


Princess said...

your very reaction, GUG, justifies my initial, "No comment."
when you blog about gays and christians, I'll stay very far away from now on.

gayuganda said...

Ok princess!!!!

We will keep it safe. Just dont take it 'personal'. Or too personal.

But hey, you were warned.


Princess said...

now post already or go comment on my blog!

gayuganda said...

I plead curfew.....


Princess said...

*eyebrows raised in disbelief

gayuganda said...


*says I, in shameless honesty...

the antipop said...

you do not christianity. i think at the end of the day its between you and your God. that right there is what it is all about. not a bunch of idle bored people who meet under a banner of christianity and channel their energy on hate. last time i checked it ws about love no?

gayuganda said...

yes antipop.

It is about love.

Once upon a time i did believe. In that love, and how universal we had it, as Christians. I guess my current pique is that I feel deceived. Taken in. That the 'ideals' that Jesus talked about were so easily mangled in the real world. Frankly, i do not mind the Jesus kind of love. But I do mind the Ssempa kind, and the Pope kind, and the Church of Uganda kind, and the...

So, since Jesus is not yet back, I will have to take my example of what christians are, from the above christians.


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