Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Noon, and the Sun Shines

Came into town early.

Early, before the sun came out, after the rain had ceased, and the roads were ribbons of mud.
Beautiful Kampala, she is a temperamental lady. When it rains, the leaves and trees and green are renewed. But the roads turn to mud, and the people living in the valleys have to move out of their hovels.

Yes, hovels I said. Once went to Katwe slum. For a reason I choose not to disclose. Hovels, as in a room, 3 by 4 meters, no windows but a door, that is latched from the inside, and a string that acts as the lock. And the life savings of a human laid out on the ground and mattress. When it rains, the water moves in under the door, so it means one sleeps on their feet.

It rained last night. I was with him, after a particularly grueling day. Just moved into him, and wrapped myself closer. Not the time to think about the problems of the rest of the world. Slept the sleep of the content, and woke up discontent, having to move and go work.

Rivers of mud, which I had to cross and walk through. Those were the roads this morning. Red brown mud, every step a danger of splashing on the clothes. And had to walk a bit. No ‘boda-boda’. No thanks. Those mad drivers seem to go madder when it rains. They drive worse than usual, intent on delivering their passengers to the gods before their time. And the roads are slippery, with that red mud of Kampala.

Now, mid day it is, and I am relaxing. But the sun is out, and the sky is clear, though there is something in the air intimating some rain. But it is bright. Very bright, lovely. This temperamental lady Kampala is smiling at the moment. The mud of the unsurfaced roads is forgotten. Now they are dried up and the soil locked in. Not blowing around; dust like it is in a dry spell.

Notice. Campaigns for 2011 have started already. As usual, with the ruling party calling on the incumbent to go for it, another term. Col. Gaddafi is quoted telling him to rule for life, till death us do part, or he gets tired of it.

Same old, same old.

I am inside, but I long, I lust to be out in the sun. It is so beautiful. Even the various things that I have to do, the things that keep me indoors, they cannot take away the feel of a smile on my face, wrinkle of joy that that is. It is indeed a beautiful day of sun. Not so many people on the street, but those who are walk with a slight spring to the pace. Busy, directed, but the smile of the sun is a touch and torch of joy all around.

Yeah, in a great mood.

Hope you are having a great one too.



DeTamble said...

You are my favourite blogger. You have passed the 27th Comrade and now hold the victorious prize as DeTamble's favourite. I didn't think I would ever have another favourite other then the 27th. Now not only do I have another favourite but you're my preferred favourite. You should feel extremely proud.

You write beautifully.

You make me proud to be a blogger.

Princess said...

I love this post!
Absolutely, absolutely adore it!

The 27th Comrade said...

@DeTamble: Well, am I glad he is gay. :o)

@GUG: This quite literally stands out. That opening about Kampala and the slum shacks on my half of the reality divide ... Nice.

DeTamble said...

@27th: Are you glad he's gay so that you won't have any competition? :)

gayuganda said...

Bow, bow, bow.. to all the three corners.
Now, my illiterate self will ask what is so special about this?

No. Forgive me, it is not to make fun of your responses; but let me say my eyes are too blind.

Great that you like it. DeTamble, you've gone out on a limb.. Yo'll tumble soon.


Princess said...

I love the post because:
1.you're smiling
2.It's a beautiful read; with eye-opening descriptions

DeTamble said...

Tumble? Me? Never. Didn't anyone tell you? I'm a God. I'm not going to tumble. Anyway, I already did. I passed out on the street on Saturday and get very badly bruised and my hands got all cut up.
WHY do you think I'm going to tumble?

I don't know why it stands out, maybe we're all just in a very generous comment mood.

Princess said...

why'd you pass out?
Not high, were you?

DeTamble said...

Hahahahahahahaha!!! No I wasn't high. I wish I was though. Anyone got any mushrooms or acid for me?

I don't know why I pass out. It's been happening for years. Not constantly, only once every few months. Most of the time I just black out for a minute or so. I only count it as passing out if I fall. This is only the second time I passed out. First time was in the middle of a very busy road next to my high school. My friend picked me up and carried me to the other side. Which was very nice of him or I would have been squashed by the oncoming semi-trailer. I must admit I really liked coming to all crushed up in his arms and his worried face staring down at me. He is so hot! Pity he's gay.

gayuganda said...

deTamble, you are truly something, arent you?

First time that I have heard a person make fun of an epileptic fit. Isnt it?
(No, princess, misdirection!!!)

And yeah, only one with your queer sense of humour would laugh at something like that. Pity Princess, bet she is asking herself what kind of person laughs at so serious an issue!!!! Now I get how you could get the laughter at death.... Yeah, and I do like you, must say. Weird sense of humour and all.

As for what you asked,

DeTamble will soon tumble from the pedestal he hoisted me.

there you are!


Princess said...

GUG: I'm a firm believer in,"laugh at your troubles."
so i get that she's laughing.I spoke first in ignorance, I fear.
@ de tamble: it's a pity the good ones are always unavailable!

DeTamble said...

Epilepsy? Holy fuck! No it isn't epilepsy. Way to scare me!

Everything goes dark and I forget where I am. Actually it's like I cease to exist. And then I kind of wake up, or umm come to. I dunno what one is supposed to say. It's like being at the top of a huge rollercoaster and then you drop down and then everything is back to normal. Except I'm always rather confused and I can never figure out how long I was away for. It feels like hours but it must be less then a minute.
I don't usually fall either.
My doctor says I'm a freak :P

DeTamble said...

@GUG: You won't fall. I have placed strategic trampolines around your pedestal to bounce right back on!

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