Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Soft dusting of sunlight

Sun is in the west, a steady path to the horizon. Sunlight is warm to the skin. Easily heating an egg. Not offensive, or offending. Not too hot, but uncomfortable, especially if one is walking in the streets of Kampala at the moment.

I should smile more.

So says princess. But what is there to smile about?

I will have to search for that particular something which will make me smile. Maybe a particularly nice looking boy. Or a girl’s brilliant smile. Odd, its long since that made me smile.
But a boys face.

I had a beauty in my ‘office’ today, and I felt my emotions give a lurch. And the hormones start whispering to me. I looked in eyes into which I could have drowned. They were steady, trusting. Open.

Wish it was possible to reach out a hand, touch that smooth skin. Was afraid the eyes would cloud, though mine express interest, appreciation.

Maybe another day, for it is not the first time that I have noticed his willowy self, nor been drawn, a fish hooked, to know him. Maybe another day, maybe. But it will have to be another day, not today.

Now, I am walking home. Determined to do that. Through the dusty streets, the smoky air, eyes and nose tingling with the engine exhausts. I need some exercise, and the best way to get home, why, I will not jump into one of the misnamed ‘taxis’. I will walk home through the evening sun.
And that, is going to be beautiful.

Have a good evening, Princess.



Anonymous said...

Early spring has arrived up here in the Northern hemispehre (though there's places you wouldn't know it yet!). People all wrapped up in muffling clothing - yet still there are young men out jogging, tanned muscular thighs pumping in tight figure-hugging shorts and T's. A welcome bonus on a chilly grey morning going to work - or after!

"Spring is sprung - the grass is riz - I wonder where the hotties iz?"

DeTamble said...

@anon "Spring is sprung - the grass is riz - I wonder where the hotties iz?"

I can't believe you said that! My mother always says that. I've never heard anyone else say it before. Except obviously with birdies not hotties :D

@GUG Willowy? really? god I love willowy guys. hmmm they're so hot. tall men without stupid big muscles. that's what I like. mmmm *drools* also, that word, willowy, I always liked it. conjures such a beautiful image in my mind.

the antipop said...

naughy naughty gug!
you are straying you...

gayuganda said...

hi Anon,

from the land of Eternal summer, I greet you..

de Tamble
dont remind me. I am 'supposedly' happily married!

as Antipop is reminding me...
Err, I must confess I am human!!!!!


DeTamble said...

Ohh GUG...

Willlllllloooooowwwyyyy. Willowy. Can you see him, GUG? Can you see his willowy figure. Isn't he gorgeous. Look at his beautiful body. Don't you just want to have him. He's soooo beautiful. Such a willowy physique, doesn't it make you ache to watch him. His soft skin under yours...


Princess said...

Detamble and you, gug, is being naughty...
Tut, tut, tut!
Pity I didn't see this yesterday evening.
Did I have a good evening? Hmm, I forget...
Well, at least the willowy beauty made you smile for a while, no?

gayuganda said...

you guys are making sure that I do not forget...

Yes, I am smiling!


Princess said...

I'm glad!

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