Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Woman dies ignored on hospital waiting room floor

* Story Highlights
* Surveillance video shows woman fall from chair, thrash on floor, then lie still
* People around ignore her for almost an hour, the video shows
* Several staffers fired at Kings County Hospital, Brooklyn, over the incident

Esmin Green, 49, had been waiting in the emergency room for nearly 24 hours when she toppled from her seat at 5:32 a.m. June 19, falling face-down on the floor.

She was dead by 6:35, when someone on the medical staff, flagged down by a person in the waiting room, finally approached, nudged Green with her foot and gently prodded her shoulder, as if to wake her.

The staffer left and returned with someone wearing a white lab coat who examined her and summoned help.

Until the staffer's appearance, Green's collapse barely caused a ripple.

If this had happened in Mulago, our ‘National Referral Hospital’ I would not have noticed the article.

Funny. Human beings can be cruel to each other anywhere. And I don’t mean only the calloused hospital workers. There were other human beings sitting and standing around as this woman breathed her last. What a statement on our attitudes!



Anonymous said...

An hour?? Wow.

How insensitive can people be?

True about Mulago...and I'm sure it even happens in the ward beds where people may e dead for days before anyone other than their family notices.

-Miss Cheri

DeTamble said...

Yes, yes utterly terrible. Wanna hear something else that's terrible? I posted pics of my Dad and you failed to comment! Utter insult! I'm never speaking to you again. Unless you comment. And make it a good one...

gayuganda said...

[now, now, what does the woman want me to comment about that?????]

I will so try to comment. Coming sis.

DeTamble said...

It's been 15 minutes. Why am I still waiting?

gayuganda said...

[grumble, grum....]

pesky little sisters!

Anonymous said...

that's sad... and in the u.s. of all places!

the stories i have heard of mulago! thinking about them causes goose bumps

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