Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Outed. By one once Our Own


Time is almost 9 pm. Ten minutes to the top of the hour.

I have been receiving phone calls, panicked actually, that there are more revelations from George Oundo, on TV. Apparently, at 9, on NTV, there will be some news. Prime time news. Nothing to do but to wait, and know what exactly is being said. Seems as if we are well and truly into having a gay witch hunt happening soon! Oh, I got a preview, so I will be just write what is happening.


Kind of shivery. Waiting for this shit to happen. I mean, what is really happening? Names? Or the hysteria about ‘recruiting’? What is recruiting?

I cannot say whether or not I know what it is. The definition by George Oundo was something disgusting. I mean, I studied in Ugandan schools but I never came across any homosexual recruiter. But I am still a homosexual.

And, I have worked for gay rights for long. And I have not recruited.

Hold. Someone commented that this blog is also a Recruitment Agency.


Headlines on NTV, Cant keep up. Is also on UBC, and WBS. 

Ok, I cannot keep up. Will just pick the points.

Family Health Network held a press conference, urging parents to unite and confront the evil of homosexuality. George Oundo featured as a speaker.

Major point, Homosexuals are recruiting youths in Uganda. And the parents have to stand up to this. We need a tougher law against homosexuals. And Stephen Langa has a book, which he is promoting, to counter homosexual propaganda to children.


George Oundo, he is in his element. Very brave, confessing to being a homosexual, and a pedophile. He says 2 Million Uganda shillings a day (that is about 1,000 US Dollars) is being spent on recruitment of students by homosexuals.

He is mentioning names.

The major group is Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) which Oundo says is a coalition of 5 groups. He mentions the groups. And the leaders. Including Bishop Ssenyonjo! Well, that is not true. The bishop is not gay... Has said so too many times.

Oundo is going ahead, saying that god has saved him from being a homosexual. (and a pederast) and now he hopes to get married one day- to a woman of course. Repeats that homosexuals are made, not born. (Recruited???) And that anyone can change. And that more than 10 homosexuals have changed because of his example.

The television stations cut off to some of the homosexual activists. Yes, filmed last year when the Victor case was being given.

Oh well,

Our nice, confortable closet is well and truly blown apart. In a homophobic country, our anonymity is torn up, and we are being accused of the most heinous of crimes. We are recruiting, and teaching children homosexuality.

Damage control now is a necessity. What will follow?

Is funny that the lies and sensationalism has so caught up everyone that it is impossible for us to insist that these are lies. The lesson of history. Tell a lie about a small unpopular group, and you are able to sustain the conversation with bigger and bigger lies. Think the Hutus in Rwanda. Jews in Germany...! Stretching the point? Am I?

A witch hunt. Very possible.

Some interesting outings? Possible.

How long will I be able to continue blogging? How safe is my blogging?

But we have survived adversity before now. We will survive even this. Will kind of mean that some of us will have to stand up and take the heat. Problem may be jobs and other things. Can we beat the taint of evil? Homosexuals recruiting! Oh well.

Tough days ahead.

The papers tomorrow will be interesting. Watch this space.

 (Remember some prayers for those who are outed, whether or not they are gay!)




Anonymous said...

Totally messed up! Hope you and your loved ones will be safe!

Anonymous said...

Pray you and your lover remain safe and enjoy your life as you wish have kids and grow old together

Eseza said...

For someone as articulate as you seem, you steadfastly refuse to follow the plot. George Oundo says he recruited children in to homosexual movement. He did not say you were recruited.

Secondly, it has been shown that the roots of homosexuality are multiple. Recruitment or seduction is only one of them.

Lets address the question, Are people born gay?

Answer: There is absolutely no evidence that people are born gay.

Question: Are there any scientific studies in to the roots of homosexuality?

Answer: There are many. Pro-gay activists made a big effort to find proof that people are born gay and therefore have a ‘right’ to same sex marriage etc. They failed to find genetic proof. There are examples below;

· Bailey did two studies of identical twins (those whose genetic make-up is exactly the same) and fraternal twins. In his second study he found that for identical twins, in 11% of cases, where one was gay the other was also gay. Also that for fraternal twins the rate was 0%. N.E. Whitehead points out if homosexuality was genetic, 100% of gay identical twins would have a gay twin brother but only 11% did in the study.

· Simon Le Vey carried out a study which was paraded as proof that there is a gay gene. However Le Vey himself says,”I did not prove that homosexuality is genetic…I didn’t show that gay men are born that way…[it is] the most common mistake people make in interpreting my work.”

· Hamer also carried out a study. He admitted his disappointment saying, “The pedigree study failed to produce what we originally hoped to find: simple Mendelian inheritance

Eseza said...

To whom it may concern

Grow up. Your youth is flitting by. Stop screaming "homophobia!"

The users and abusers, while advising you to come out, remain in their pulpits leading prayers for repentance for homosexuality. Then in the evening they are back at the gay haunts chatting up young boys. Why do they not come out? What kind of leaders lead from behind or underground? Who is abusing whom?

I pray the scales fall from your eyes.

Otherwise I think you guys have a lot of potential to increase the sum of human happiness. Many many blessings.

Anonymous said...

U guys should read the book "Men are from mars and women are from venus."

That book may sound childish, juvenile and trivial but it has a chapter where is assesses brain formation (whilst in womb) and gives an insight into the "born or made gay" debate.

Apparently (and I use the word strongly) people are born gay. Very long story. But I have the book. I can photocopy that page for u.

Of course, it's up to u to believe what they say or to dismiss it as a load of bull but I advise u to read it up and maybe understand where the "born gay" activists come from.

Anonymous said...

Sorry meant to use the word ALLEGEDLY*** instead of Apparently.

gayuganda said...

Thanks WildeY, Chanel for your good wishes.

Dear Eseza... You seem to be so ignorant of basic sexuality that it is hard for me to know where to start.

So, should I leave you unchallenged? Or should I refer you to a soft reference? Maybe it is better. Since you do want to really read up on sexuality, and in particular homosexuality, start with the Wikipedia article on Homosexuality.

No, I dont want you to trust it. I want you to dig into the references , to be sure that what they talk about is real.

Otherwise, how would you want me to teach you?

Miss Cheri, thanks for that reference. Seen it, but have actually never got the time to read it.

Us 'born gay' gays have one huge problem. There is nothing that can satisfy us that we are not what we are. Your skin is black, isnt it? If someone tries to prove to you how white you are, you may be unhappy. Same here. How can I not be born gay, when i was actually born gay? What text will prove to me what is indelibly in my experience?

And, fact is, the bulk of scientific opinion is on our side. I know that for a fact.

Anonymous said...

I have never been able to follow this argument on which sex os wrong or right. I grew up being told that the kind of sex I do now (heterosex)is the 'original sin'. Mbu, humanity suffers because our ancestors dared have sex back then in the garden of eden days. So, just when did we get the moral authority to pronounce another kind of sex wrong. Has the verdict on our own kind of sex been withdrawn in recent years? Why didn't anyone tell me. I sure would like to have some guilt free sex.

Also this talk about recruiting is making me toy with the idea of outing my first sexual partner. He recruited me into heterosexuality. He gave me gifts, told me it was natural and many other people were doing it and even lectured me on the technicaltes of the act before we got started. Until now, I always remembered him as a caring and sensitive first lover. Kumbe he was just recruiting me! Who knows? I might not have ever chosen to commit the 'original sin'. Not that I am complaining though.

gayuganda said...

Maamababy, you have left me in laughter...!!!!

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