Monday, March 30, 2009

You cannot recruit people into homosexuality

Hey, the Monitor did publish MY letter. Remember the conversation I once had with them? I am tempted to ask what has changed...  But gift horses are not to be questioned.

Here it is.

You cannot recruit people into homosexuality

As a homosexual, I am very concerned about the allegations made by Mr George Oundo and the Family Life Network (FLN) about gay Ugandans. Mr Oundo has confessed to recruiting children, which is a very serious matter that the police should follow up.

I am gay but I have never engaged in recruiting children into homosexuality. Mr Oundo’s allegation that he has been recruiting children is something I find simply ridiculous because it isn’t possible to change one’s sexual orientation. Are straight people recruited into being straight? In the same way, homosexuals are not ‘recruited’.

Oundo and FLN allege that huge amounts of money are being spent on ‘recruitment’ in schools and universities. From the amounts quoted, I think gay organisations would be the biggest, strongest organisations in Uganda. They would be donors! Being gay may make be different but I am not evil.





Katende said...

Banange, abazungu mutuyambe ono musajja mumuwe Visa alekerawo okweswaza ng'awandika wano nga bwayagala abasajja abalala okumuzina omukabina.

gayuganda said...

Katende above is requesting for any white person out there to help good Ugandans and give me a visa so that I stop asking other men to fuck me.

His words. Not mine. I have just kindly translated them, correctly I hope, dear Katende.

No. I dont want no visa. I dont want to be forced out of my country. I am gay. And I am Ugandan.

that is my answer to dear Katende.

Leonard said...

This is the same sick stuff that we hear in this Hemisphere´s mostly from a few very disturbed people who somehow think it is Godfearing and Appropriate to IMAGINE sexual conduct in others...I find it extremely obvious that those who say/write such VILE STUFF only attack and never, I mean never, discuss looking into their own vicious illness of fear and hate...actually, fear and hate are PROMOTED by religious people, like Orombi, and there lies the PROBLEM...Orombi and self-proclaimed LGBT ¨experts¨ from the United States are simply ignorant of REALITY (and in my opinion Gods Commandments)... ¨selfsearching¨ would result in a great deal of work to be done on the character of many bigots who wish to HARM fellow human beings by making up lies they WANT TO BELIEVE to rationalize their own tainted emotions!

Anonymous said...

Get a life dude dont you hav other things you do with your life we can know about?

gayuganda said...

No. anon,

actually, I dont. Gay, and Ugandan, thats me....!

Why did you come here?

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